SIOA & AFDI New York Premiere Ground Zero Mosque Film [video]

Update: There was some interest in putting the screening all into one video. That is now posted:

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On February 20, 2011 (Muhammad’s birthday), approximately 200 people came to Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s New York Premiere of their seminal, groundbreaking documentary.

This powerful film exposed the shameful media biases regarding the proposed Ground Zero Mosque; Imam Rauf and wife Daisy Kahn can do no wrong in their eyes.  But, now the truth is out in this amazing documentary.

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Also on hand were 911 Family members, who revealed the even more outrageous treatment they have suffered under Mayor Bloomberg and his commissions.

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They have pleaded to deaf ears that this mosque not be built on the graves of their loved ones. They do NOT want a Ripley’s believe it or not memorial SEVEN floors underground.

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The house was packed. Many stood. It was a deeply moving presentation and the audience was riveted, and after the screening,  after the Q and A


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They left even more committed to stopping this outrage.

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Part 1  Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. Opening remarks before the screening.

Part 2 After the screening, Pamela Geller introduced the 9/11 family members who were present. Nelly Braginskaya, whose son Alex was murdered that day, spoke first. As always, she speaks with simple honesty about Daisy Khan, Imam Rauf, Obama, Mayor Bloomberg and the loss of her only son.

Part 3 Rosaleen Tallon spoke of her brother Shawn, who was murdered that day. She also introduced their mother, an Irish immigrant who is proud to be an American, passing that same joy and pride on to her children.

Part 4  Rosaleen Tallon, Sally Regenhard, Rosemary Cain and Rosa Leonetti. 9/11 Family members. All spoke and took questions from the audience. Powerful testimony from them all.

Part 5  Rosaleen Tallon, Sally Regenhard, Rosemary Cain and Rosa P. Leonetti, respond to more questions from the audience : Ted Hayes from Los Angeles, a woman from Bucks County Pennsylvania and a woman who is an ex-Muslim. And thn Pamela Geller gave a rousing wrap-up to the discussion.

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