The NYC Blizzard & Contradictions Union Style (video)

7:00 PM. New Year’s Eve 2010.

The city goes in to lock-down for the mass of tourists who will stand for HOURS in Times Square waiting for the clock to strike midnight.

The locals stay away.

Manhole covers are sealed, trash-cans are removed and that’s NOT because of the tourists (sarc intended).

Watch the New Year’s Eve celebrants slowly, patiently and happily walk to whatever pen the police would place them so they can see the Big Ball-Drop at midnight.

Meanwhile, what about the Sanitation Union-Thugs and their slow-down snow removal? They lied and people died.


I found flyers from the  ubiquitous “Why Islam”& Scientology Dianetics in the gutter and a Prayer Station offering Free Hot Chocolate along with equally ubiquitous “Gentlemen’s Club” (offering not so free entertainment up the block.)  Sadly, by the morning of January 2,. a woman jumped to her death just a few doors from where the Prayer Station had been.


Update on the Jumper A couple of hours after the jumper, I was only able to get some street-talk regarding a jumper. I was told at that point it was a woman who had died. It appears there was only one jumper, a 26 years old man, who was saved by those mounds of uncollected garbage (one building west of the hotel) Good to know he survived, but what remains correct is that  “Unions lied and People died!”


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  1. Havent we fired bloombug the dhimmmie yet

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