Dec 31, 2010: After the Blizzard: Life Goes on in the City (video)

It was the last day on 2010. Looking back, the week started as usual for me.

I love new-fallen snow. I can’t resist walking in it and taking pictures. However, when I came upon the the 3 cars stuck in the snow at 45th and 9th avenue, I knew something was up. The streets shouldn’t have been impassable. It had been snowing all day but the norm is many passes of the snow-plows.

Thus began my week and the saga of the missing snow-plows as well as that BUS. Links to those reports are here >>

Can only speak for mid-town Manhattan, but basically, ” Life goes on.” Felt good to see people getting out and about…

Traffic is back on the side streets…bikes, push carts, the deliveries… and New Yorkers are  creative as always. They manage to find ways to traverse the piles of slushy snow. Boots are a must, you’d think, but there’s always the pretty girl with the pretty boots or the very high heels…guess pretty matters more for some (of a certain age)  than durability. And they manage….

However, the pools of slush were a bit more challenging  for those with assisted walking.  Many bus stops and intersections remained uncleared by the cleaning crews. Yet, these people were out doing the same, trying to get on with their routines.

Also, people are starting to dig-out their cars. The  street cleaners are going to sweep through on Monday so the owners of the cars must dig out their cars.

Guessing the reason garbage is untouched (except by private haulers) is because the CITY garbage trucks are also the snow-plows.

Another observation, where are the trucks with the salt? There are mountains of salt (and sand) at a pier on the West Side Highway. What’s up?

So now, it’s the last day of 2010. The snow is melting. Should be in the 50’s tomorrow. Will Bloomberg and company claim to have done  a stellar job? Just because the snow will have melted? (Probably)

Of course, this remains a botched snow-clearance. No way out of it, but it was nice to see people out and about and doing what New Yorkers do: Getting on with their lives.

Hope you all had an enjoyable New Year’s Eve. It’s now 2011.  It will be as awesome a year as we can make it so “Let’s do it!”

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