It’s a mad mad world (NY Style) video

I love New york. It’s January 2, 2011.

The snow appears to be gone with just trash to deal with. (Not really. )There’s plenty of filthy snow that hasn’t melted and concrete blocks the police use for crowd control and some smattering of the confetti from New Years Eve to remind us still of the blizzard that end 2010.

I love to walk around Times Square. Love the colors and the unexpected, like one chunk of ice just hanging in the middle of the cross-walk at 8th ave and 42nd St. For about 10 minutes it held its own…til it got tipped by one car and smashed by a taxi.

Moving on to Broadway and 46th and the tourists. There’s plenty to entertain them. The Naked Cowboy and the the big video screen that seems to captivate everyone as they giggle and point, “Look, there I am”. That’s Bloomy’s idea of Times Square. Close it down( Times Square) and watch the tourists wait to see a picture of themselves on a big screen.

The tourists love it, even though the locals, bus and taxi drivers remember a different Times Square that really was New York.

Whatever…2011 is here. And in New York there will be no shortage of surprises.


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