Anti-War Leftists March in Veterans Day Parade 2010 & … 2007….

Point of Information here: Some things don’t change.

Like …permitting anti-War Leftists to disrespect our enlisted men and women by marching in the Annual Veterans Day Parade. ( As well as new participants we didn’t expect to see in the ‘Death Car’)

Why aren’t they told to  march in their own parade?

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The parade requires those who wish to walk to submit profiles that say they will not be political.

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Looking at the signs and street theatre coffins from 2007  (this isn’t political?)

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And 20010, we noticed the addition of a VERY POLITICAL  black ‘Death Car”.

death car 3 copyright

They yelled something in Arabic ….smiling….

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Makes us wonder… IVAW, Granny “Peace ” Brigade , Code Pinkos: What’s Up, America?

This is like having Democrats joining a Republican club…like have Muslims join a synagogue …like…. helping  the Franken-Monster become a Senator with all those hidden ballots (that popped-up in trunks and closets.)

Even though the Reviewing Stand ignored these Seditionists , our familes had to suffer through “Troops Home Now. Troops Home Now” .


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Wonder if we’d be permitted to march in protest in a Anti-War or pro-“Pali” parade. Most assuredly the police etc etc (even the Mayor) would boom-forth with a resounding “NO Dice!”

Some bridges go only one-way and this bridge isn’t looking so good….

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Video and pictures of our Troops and Families will be posted next.


7 responses to “Anti-War Leftists March in Veterans Day Parade 2010 & … 2007….

  1. I actually saw them as I was waiting for our group from NY ICE to enter the parade route. Mind-boggling that they would be part of a parade to honor America’s veterans.

  2. Joanna took some photos. We didn’t actually start marching until well after three o’clock. We were between the Customs and Border trainees and a group of Falun Gong practitioners.

  3. That’s great. Looking forward to seeing the pictures. i heard you all had a fabulous time. The parade was HUGE. Even the police seemed surprised that it wasn’t over when 3 PM rolled around . Luckily the Leftards were only a small blip in the scheme of things

  4. Yeah, it was a lot larger than I expected. The crowd seemed to really enjoy us, except for two left wing nitwits who decided to heckle us as we walked past them.

  5. Thank you for the fantastic photos!
    Sorry I missed such a wonderful Parade. And deeply shocked they allowed the protestors to march in the Parade. Disgusting. If people are against the war, they should still have the decency to show respect and honor for our military and NOT take part in the Parade.

  6. Sorry you missed it too. Next time I’ll make sure the word gets out. Maybe next year we can approach those in charge and ask why the anti-military protestors are accepted. It’s very confusing for the public.

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