Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer speak at the Union League Club in Philadelphia

Video in 3 parts: October 7, 2010, the David Horowitz Freedom Center held a reception, luncheon and book signing with Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer at the Union League Club in Philadelphia

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This video was filmed under low-light conditions, but with good audio video. You will hear great speeches and a very good  Q and A.

Part 1: Pamela Geller‘s speech covers everything from the Ground Zero Mosque to Obama and media censorship, slander and propaganda.


Part 2 : Robert Spencer ‘s speech also covered everything from the Ground Zero Mosque to Obama and media censorship, slander and propaganda


Part 3 : A brief Q and A with Geller and Spencer before the book-signing of “The Post American Presidency”


Slide show of a few pictures at the luncheon:

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Left the Union League and walked around Philly. Found the ” Post American Presidency”  HIGH up on the shelves at the Borders across from the Union League.

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After noticing that the Qurans were also in on the top shelf, I was then informed that the Borders policy does nor place the Quran on the lower shelf. Store policy. The Quran is not to be placed lower than the other religious books. Wondering….Does that mean “The Post American Presidency” has been given a ‘place of honor?”

Slideshow of a few more pictures outside the Union League a walking around the City Hall

[vodpod id=Video.4689918&w=425&h=350&fv=offsite%3Dtrue%26amp%3Blang%3Den-us%26amp%3Bflickr_notracking%3Dtrue%26amp%3Bflickr_target%3D_self%26amp%3Bnsid%3D41423273%40N00%26amp%3BtextV%3D66488%26amp%3Bispro%3D1%26amp%3B%26amp%3Bset_id%3D72157625179126968%26amp%3Bpage_show_back_url%3D%2Fphotos%2F41423273%40N00%2Fsets%2F72157625179126968%2F%26amp%3Bpage_show_url%3D%2Fphotos%2F41423273%40N00%2Fsets%2F72157625179126968%2Fshow%2F%26amp%3BminH%3D100%26amp%3BminW%3D100]


Later that evening Pamela and Robert were guests of  students Of “TU Purpose” at Temple University specifically to discuss the Ground Zero mosque. That post will go up next….

2 responses to “Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer speak at the Union League Club in Philadelphia

  1. And again I have to ask How did ? Obama get elected .Was he that good when covering his tracks during the pre elction process
    Is the teaching of Allah (rumoured to be the great deciever) that powerful that we all got fooled
    Just a white anglosaxon here asking. Who has begun to question why our society is being turned upside down.
    I guess 9/11 was a wake up call paid by the victims who were murdered that day,may they rest in peace .
    I am very thankful that Pamela and Robert love our countries enough that maybe free speech still has a chance to survive

  2. Many thanks to Robert and pamela for their courage and their conviction

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