(new video)”Un-American to Regulate Religion? “

Food for thought: Is it Un-American to regulate Islam? Former USMC officer specializing in cell warfare notes the U.S. Constitution directs us to regulate all religions. (And….is it Un-American to even discuss this?)

3 responses to “(new video)”Un-American to Regulate Religion? “

  1. YES ! makes perfect sense to even a Canadian ,Thank You!!!!

  2. Yes, absolutely, the USG does regulate religion in the USA. All churches are further regulated in that their tax free status depends on their remaining politically neutral – i.e. preachers cannot tell their congregants how to vote, churches may not support political parties, etc. Well done, infidel brother.

  3. Barbara Paolucci

    Islam is not a religion, its a political ideology that uses religion as a tool to overcome a nation’s laws and culture. What we need is a law demanding that this ‘religion’ and its followers sign declarations that they will not adhere to the Sharia law component of this ‘religion’ and include that the penalty for breaking this agreement is deportation back to their land or origin, including the family members even if born on US soil.
    We need to audit all non profits, require them to account for all income and expenses on line for all to see and prohibit all non profits from donating/contributing or compensating regardless of form, any other non profit and all political entities including candidates.

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