Ground Zero Bus Ads Hit NYC Streets!!

FROM ATLAS SHRUGS: ” After successfully fighting and winning against the embargo on 911 images enforced by a sharia happy MTA (under Bloomberg), the FDI/SIOA Ground Zero bus campaign finally hit the streets, after a month of wrangling. It asks the essential question, “Why there?”

The banning of 911 images deserves serious examination. The whitewashing of history to “spare the feelings of those directly affected by 911″ (weren’t we all?) flies in the face of these very same people who advocate for a Ground Zero mosque on the site of a building partially destroyed by the attack.”

Seen in Brooklyn today 🙂 (Thanks to Dave jr.)


Backstory: SIOA Lawsuit against NYC: Bloomberg’s MTA Refuses to Allow 911 Images: Bans Ground Zero Bus Campaign

WPIX: “what’s more insulting and offensive — that image of truth, or a 15 story mega-mosque looking down on the sacred ground of Ground Zero?”


NOW whatever happened to the taxi ads…bought and paid for yet have NOT been seen!!

2 responses to “Ground Zero Bus Ads Hit NYC Streets!!

  1. No appearance of the “Why There?” ads on taxis – maybe because the drivers, 90% of whom are of the Islamic persuasion, object? But not that many OWN the cabs – they lease them – other immigrants from ??? (mean SOBs) own them as well as USA-homies. I’m sure we’ll be seeing them shortly. If not, they’ll have Pamela the Conquerer to deal with! Plus: let’s all of us vow that if we get into a cab WITHOUT that ad, we’ll ASK THE DRIVER, “Hey, why doesn’t this cab have one of those WTC mosque ads on it? I heard they were going to be on ALL the cabs!!” Tee hee.

  2. Here s an idea ,dont get into a cab that doesnt advertise what is truth that has been paid for in blood

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