BBC Radio: Ground Zero Debate Geller vs Shahed Amanullah

8-14-10: Very ugly “debate” Pamela Geller had yesterday on BBC radio (an arm of the stealth jihad) and a very dishonest smear merchant, Shahed Amanullah. The level of ‘discourse’ is base.

His Nazi-like arguments are never on point. His objective? Lie, smear and attack Geller. This is the war in the information battle-space.

FYI: Shahed Amanullah, founder of

Shahed AmanullahShahed Amanullah

Shahed Amanullah
Austin, Texas USA
As editor-in-chief of, Shahed Amanullah is an award-winning journalist who writes regularly about the challenges and opportunities facing Islam in America. Named one of ten “Muslim visionaries” by Islamica Magazine, Shahed’s work and writings have been featured in magazines (Newsweek), newspapers (New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune), radio shows (BBC News, National Public Radio, and major websites ( Television appearances include “Nightline with Ted Koppel”, CNN Headline News, the “Today Show”, and “Hannity & Colmes”.Shahed is the founder of Halalfire Media, a network of Islamic-themed websites with nearly 6 million visitors annually. Along with, signature properties include,,, and He has also served as a board member for the United Muslims of America, the Muslim Public Service Network, and the Muslim Youth Camp of California. He is a general partner in Zakat Community Ventures, a startup “venture philanthropy” fund dedicated to promoting Islamic charitable values.

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