Elena Kagan: Will she tolerate Shariah? (new video from Center For Security Policy)

This web ad can also be found at http://www.no2kagan.com

It has just been  launched in the hope of ensuring that, before the Senate Judiciary Committee votes on Elena Kagan’s nomination on Tuesday, Senators and their constituents are aware of a particularly noxious aspect of her remarkably thin record:  Kagan’s enabling of the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda of legitimating and insinuating Shariah into our country while Dean of Harvard Law.

Unfortunately, apart from a Senate floor speech Ranking Member Jeff Sessions of Alabama made before her confirmation hearings ,  this serious defect was not addressed in the course of those hearings. It may yet prove to be for the best – if Senators can be persuaded to seize upon this now as a matter that had not received due attention, either to reopen the hearings, delay the nomination or – better yet – scupper itRead more on this in an article written by Frank Gaffney  in which he states that  “…this Supreme Court nomination (which) offers a prism for examining the concerted and ominous campaign underway to bring Shariah to America, thanks to the troubling role Ms. Kagan played during her tenure as dean of Harvard’s Law School. ”  (The complete article:  “Courting Shariah” ) Gaffney also points out that at a minimum, if confirmed, Kagan should be required to recuse herself from dealing with any matters coming before the court involving Shariah. And for even more background on this, please check out Andy McCarthy’s characteristically brilliant piece, “Elena Kagan’s ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ Sharia Policy” .

McCarthy says, ” I am indebted to the scholar Andrew Bostom for this assessment of SCF from the architect himself, an excerpt from Mawdudi’s paper, “The Economic Problem of Man and its Islamic Solution”:

If anyone thinks it feasible that this economic system can be successfully implemented even if divorced from the complete ideological, moral, and cultural system of Islam, I will humbly request him to get rid of this misunderstanding. This economic system has a deep relationship with the political, judicial, legal, cultural and social system of Islam. And all these are fundamentally based on the moral system of Islam. . . . If you do not accept this creed, this moral system and the whole of this code of life, completely as it is, the economic system of Islam, divorced from its source, cannot be maintained or administered in its purity for even a single day, nor will any appreciable advantage accrue from it if you take it out of its wider context and then seek to apply [it] to your life. (end quote)

His article notes, as does this  ad, that the contrast between Kagan’s attitude towards the military’s treatment of homosexuals and the Saudis’ can mean only one thing:  She is anti-military, as well as indifferent to Shariah’s barbaric, totalitarian and supremacist agenda.   This is a serious problem with the Kagan nomination and please pass this ad on to others and take full advantage of the “teachable moment” (as Obama says) about Shariah!

And from  Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs ,” The more we know about Obama’s inner circle, the worse it gets.”

It’s all there…in the ad, the articles, and this vlog…..Why Kagan must not be confirmed!!


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