UPDATE on March 18, 2010: The complete video of the Reclaim American Liberty Conference is now posted:  http://www.webcastgroup.com/webcast/window_new/frameset.asp?wid=0820113105037&WebcastID=5037&a=81324&sl=n

Event Date: Wednesday, January 13, 2010.

This statement is on their site: ” Reclaim American Liberty is a symposium where the economy, foreign policy/national defense, and America’s sovereignty will be discussed. We have moved the management of these three vital areas away from their Constitutional moorings, and so the symposium seeks to inform Americans about what went wrong and how we – with their necessary help – can get our country back on track.”

The deconstruction of the America Constitution. An end of individualism and freedoms born of a democracy. For these Orwellians and their ‘global’ citizens, is our serfdom  within their reach?


Craftily and patiently they went underground. From radical to respectable… FOO (Friends of Obama).


They “Alinskied” themselves into our schools; our future…

…rewriting our textbooks, training our teachers, corrupting the minds of our children through union and government-control. Their “Change” has given us “GLOBAL citizens” who have limited knowledge of and no fealty for America.


Can we hope to stop this insurgency? The answer is, yes.

It’s time to re-educate and it starts with the  “Reclaim American Liberty Conference”   held in the perfect setting, the Union League Club in New York City.

Founded by Republicans. The Grand Old Party. History was made here. (the good kind)

And so it goes with  the “Reclaim American Liberty Conference” hosted by the Hudson Institute in partnership with Family Security Foundation and Human Events on January 13, 2010 (from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM) at the Union League in New York City. What follows is a few pictures and some highlights of the panels….

9:00 Welcome and Introduction

Herb London, President of Hudson Institute

Jed Babbin, Editor of Human Events

DSCN1823 dp

9:15 Economic Panel – Moderator: Herb London (L-R) Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Gary Wolfram,Peter Morici, Herb London, Betsy McCaughey and Jed Babbin (at the podium)

DSCN1778 dp

Peter Morici, Professor of International Business at the University of Maryland.

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Economic freedom. Economic constraints. That’s what it took for our first President, George Washington, to go  from Loyalist to Revolutionary.

Government builds roads; is there to protect personal security; is a regulator (referee) but government must not ‘win’ all of the time.

People don’t know that government closes banks every Saturday. They merge and protect funds. Trading in securities. An investment banker is like a casino and nobody’s keeping score. Government’s solution is to print more money.

Draws a parallel with WW2…what if Germany had invested in the Brooklyn Navy Yard?  China buys dollars. Buys Bonds. 20-30 million a year to expand economy.  But it’s a mistake to think this is necessary to rescue our economy. We do NOT need China.

Most popular car in China? The Buick. But must be made in China and no American manufacturer can own 51% of the business. China is experiencing economic prosperity but they control the individual.

Good news. Google stood up to China.

Ask a liberal what they think of a poll tax. The mandate to buy (government medical insurance) or else pay a tax. This is a poll tax. Other potential penalties, government will take your home and/or put you in jail.

Liberals “know” so much more than we do. That’s why they’re committed to change and to control America in their image.

Betsy McCaughey, Health policy expert and patient advocate.

DSCN1784 dp

McCaughey poke eloquently on the intended Health Care take-over. She warned of the government electronically dictating to our doctors what treatment will be considered ‘meaningful use’. And the doctors who do not co-operate will be forced to pay penalities. Seniors will be denied hip and knee replacements, angios and by-pass procedures.

Republicans have alternatives to Obama-Care. Let us buy health insurance across state-lines (that creates competition). No need for anything longer than an 18 page bill (which any body can read).

Where does this stop. It’s a constitutional battle. Government has no right to dictate our health care. No right to tell insurance carriers and their shareholders they must earn less and to deny them profits

Gary Wolfram, Professor of Economics at Hillsdale College.

DSCN1814 dp

We are a market economy. Central planning by government is mal-investment. They create assets for which there is no demand.  1% interest rate from 2001-2004. Went up to 5% with crisis in housing market. They kept building homes, but there were no buyers. The demand didn’t support the building. Inflation followed and then interest rates rose.

Jimmy Carter drove up interest rates. Market does not behave properly because investors don’t trust government. Try to anticipate government interference. Example: solar power credits. People trying to guess government’s next move.

Sub-prime loans. Government decided not enough people buying houses but not everyone wants to buy a house. Example: a very wealthy man who owned an apartment bigger than most houses is forced to buy a house he doesn’t want nor need.

FDR’s policies kept us in the Depression. So what’s with the monuments? WHY did they put his face on the side of a mountain? Under FDR, private investment collapsed out of fear that government would take over the business.

Power of the  ‘negative’?  Obama came out and told the country it was going to fail; collapse. Is this how a President leads a recovery?

Central planning does not work! Individual liberty is core of how markets work

Diana Furchtgott-Roth,  Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute.

Furchtgott-Roth warned of government controls.

She warned of mandatory benefits, mandatory arbitration and under-funded pension plans.

She spoke of freedom and the social good. The individual and society.

The taxing of bonuses and how economic growth generates taxes.

The Cap and ‘Tax’ bill. Denied the use of our own resources and the move to get people out of their cars. Potentially dictating how many miles we can drive while the political elites drive off in their limos (cause they’re in a hurry)

10:15 Questions & Answers

Dr. McCaughey pointed to the large folder on the table behind her. It was only 1/3 of the Health Bill. Everyone wants to see people have coverage, but do not want the Feds in control of that coverage. There are Republican bills in Congress that include helping low-income. There are 14 million eligible for Medicaid…but they don’t sign up….

Our Health Care system has been misrepresented by ObamaCare. American Health Care is NOT broken. They intend for end-of-life  to be based upon cost-of-care. Yet doctors cannot know ahead of time who will benefit and who will not from a treatment.  A study mentioned was supposed to reveal costs  for end-of-life treatments were too  high. All the results were the same because they only studied those who DIED.  Did not include those  who survived when the treatments worked.

Peter Morici : Health Care used to be called Major Medical or Catastrophic. Age based. 25 year old doesn’t need the same coverage. Routine-care came out-of-pocket. Not correct  that there is a General Welfare clause in the Constitution that empowers the government to pass and enforce Obama Care.  Congress is actually limited by the Constitution, not given more powers than the States. What about States Rights? Congress looks to see what it can get away with. We have suffered through four generations of judicial promiscuity.

Once Health Care Bill is passed. Very difficult to throw out pieces of it.

Diana Furchtgott-Roth : Refundable tax-vouchers. Choose our own plans. Shop across State-lines

Gary Wolfram: Re the 104th Congress and sunshine provisions to enumerate their powers

10:45 Coffee Break

11:15 National Security Panel – Moderator: Jed Babbin (L-R) Andrew McCaughey.Allen B. West, Gordon Chang, Jed Babbin and Gen. Richard Myers (at the podium)

DSCN1832 dp

Gen. Richard Myers, Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

DSCN1826 dp

Have we defined the enemy correctly? Do we have a strategy? “They” have a vision. “They” create fear. With fear we don’t think clearly. Strategy? Tactical for Afghanistan was not strategic. We haven’t defined the fight.Urgent displaces important. To limit American influence permits extreme views to take hold. A global insurgency.

Organize to execute the strategy. Truman signed the  1947-the National Security Act. People think someone like Rumsfeld was in charge. He had no authority. It was a central place of coordination for national security policy in the executive branch.

Economic questions: to invest in our military future. To maintain our military.

Andrew McCarthy, Senior Fellow, National Review Institute

DSCN1836 dp

Jed Babbin as he introduced Andrew McCarthy : military is a victim of its own success. America at war but legal system is at war with our military.

Andrew McCarthy: During WW2 FDR treated 8 German P.O.W.’s as the enemy combatants they were. German saboteurs captured with in the United States. Six were executed seven weeks after they were captured (June 1942).

What has changed these 50-60 years later? Tyranny is worse than war (insidious internal insurgency) The purpose of Jihad, bottom-line, is to establish Sharia. Terrorism is pursuing that goal. We aren’t just confronting terrorism. War is to preserve our legal institutions.

Constitutional accountability. Liberty vs security. Checks and Balances. Self-determination.

Can’t get rid of judicial. When it’s wrong, are they doing justice? Need Executive Branch willing to face-down courts. Every branch used to be connected to  the Constitution. President now does not enforce Constitution and the judges write laws.

Lt. Col. Allen West, (U.S. Army, Ret.), Congressional Candidate, Florida’s 22nd District.

DSCN1861 dp

Right Rules of Engagement does not mean giving Constitutional rights to enemy combatants.

Protection from sedition.

We’ve become more afraid of our own legal system.

Gordon Chang, author of The Coming Collapse of China.

DSCN1899 dp

Re: China and Iran nuclear programs. 90% parity is one nuclear weapon.

Chinese demand no sanctions. Moving a ‘rod here and a rod there”.

China supports the mullahs. Collapse of Iran must not happen as it would encourage the Chinese dissidents. Mullahs are succeeding and we lack priorities.

We gave China what it didn’t deserve. China is not a responsible power. Global intentions: China, Iran. No freedom of the individual. We can succeed without China (in spite of China) yet Obama and HRC let China lead. There was a December deadline for Iran and then there wasn’t…NoKo…who is going to listen to the U.S. anymore?

Post Cold-War, defending Western values was no longer necessary as ‘history had ended’.

The press plays up the seditionists. Made to appear larger in number than they are. Their influence should be de-bunked

12:15 Questions & Answers

DSCN1917 dp

Jed Babbin: We ‘re not as safe as we were a year ago. Inferior interrogation. Closing Gitmo (no reason to do so ) Bringing terrorists in to our civilian courts. In their proper roles, judges not in charge nor responsible for our National Security.

Asked about a Declaration of War, Andrew McCarthy pointed out there’s no legal designation (it ‘s not required)

Military follows orders (unless illegal). Allen West addresses illegal enemy. International law. Geneva Conference. Congress. What happened to military trials. Take the enemy off the battlefield.  CIF makes the decision.

McCarthy and West: Asked how to explain to someone who the enemy is. Terrorists  and their Islamist ideology. Study theo-political beliefs. Arm yourself with dates. West listed pivotal battles of Islam  from it’s  inception in 622 A.D., to Charles Martel, the Gates of Vienna, etc etc . All support that Islam is the aggressor. Read the Koran. The Surrah so you can respond.

We’re chasing our tail if we do not define the evil: Islam. Know the enemy. This war is asymmetrical. The enemy is not uniformed.

1:00 Lunch

L-R) Amb. John Bolton, Gen Richard Myers. Andrew McCarthy, Jed Babbin, Gordon Chang, Allen B. West and Carol Taber (President Family Security Foundation)

1:30 Keynote Address – Introduction of Ambassador John Bolton by Carol Taber (President Family Security Foundation)

DSCN1967 dp

Ambassador John Bolton

The President doesn’t comprehend a threatening world. He ‘s a post-modern President. His interest is in a Global Government; World Federalism; Citizens for Global Solutions. National Sovereignty? (no) The E.U? (yes). He’s determined to ram this down our throats.

We like our Constitution.  Some think we have too much control over our government. Sp, say we don’t have enough.

We are at war. We have a right to defend ourselves. WMD—pre-emptive in Iraq. Entitled to defend.

The UN Council approves whether the U.S. defends itself? Suicide.

Arms control. Reduction of nuclear endangers, weakens U.S.

Use satellites to study climate “change” when it’s NOT a national threat. Who knew satellites had spare time to deal with climate ‘change’ rather than National Security.

We like Self-Government.

After an Israeli strike on Iran the world would be SAFER with no nuclear Iran.

Thirty years of mullahs destroyed the Iranian economy.

The CIA has “lost it” after four decades of eviscerating their intelligence.

2:30 Sovereignty Panel – Moderator: Midge Decter (L-R) Joseph Loconte, Michael Mukasey, Caludia Rosett, Mark Steyn

DSCN1988 dp

Joseph Loconte, Senior Research Fellow, The King’s College

DSCN2000 dp

The “gonad” bomber is referred to as “alleged”.

If a civilian trial, evidence will not be admissible that would have been in a military court.

Cartoon prosecution pled guilty and it took over a year.

KSM in a civilian court can represent himself and have access to our intel. A mass murderer. P.O.W.? Civilian court or military tribunal?

Michael Mukasey, Former Attorney General under President George W. Bush.

DSCN2029 dp

Mukasey lead with a Madison quote about when to be silent(unfortunately can’t find the quote) American exceptionalism is okay (it permits skepticism)

Truman stood up to the Soviets with the Berlin Airlift. In one year he sent millions of supplies to stop Soviet aggression. Evil does exist. Threats of tyranny. Degradation of totalitarian States. We must expose and shame the slander against the U. S. which is the bulwark of Freedom and Democracy.

American relief: first on the scene(HIV/Africa) For women in Afghanistan with no hope but they had  support from our military to repair their broken societies.

Tell the good stories about America.

“Their” ignorance is willful. “They” are moral agnostics. Resist them.

Claudia Rosett, Columnist for Forbes

DSCN2031 dp

Referring to the invasion of Normandy, she pointed out that Truman had not yet created the UN. Can you imagine having to get UN approval to land at Normandy? Having to announce it?

If you tie your (gun) in knots you’ll shoot yourself. Aim straight and shoot.

A quote from the UN: “They are indispensible if imperfect”

The U.N. is a collective. It has no checks and balances. It sounds and ‘looks like’ a Democratic government. Has lots of labels: hospital, bank…staircase… as she playfully pointed out a label does not make it a democracy.

The U.N. is all back-room maneuvers. Immunity and no restrictions. Fifty-one members in 1945. Today : 192.

Can’t impeach the Secretary-General. No place at the U.N. where “the buck stops”.

You have to negotiate with these criminals. With Mugabe, Kadafi, Chavez, No-Ko and Ah’jad.

Smuggling weapons. Weapons-deals. These countries police themselves. Rogue regimes. U.N. enforced sanctions?  Iraq is on sanctions committee.

G77 (with 130 members) is chaired by LIBYA (last year it was Sudan and before that, YEMEN)

There’s an illusion that America has an “in”…”clout’… with the U.N. In 2007, there was a budget vote. 141-1. WHO do you think was the ONE? That’s “clout”?.

The illusion that you can get anything done at the U.N. You have a problem.  Send it to the U.N.

She mentioned the UN Carpet portraits (gifts of IRAN). CARPETS: signs of bribery, corruption, and extortion — perhaos attempts to ingratiate Iran into the inner circle of the UN?


“The Iranian silk carpet portraits of U.N. leaders…. the most prominent display is a row of eight portraits, framed in gold, and showing the lineup of secretaries-general from the U.N.’s founding at the end of World War II, through the current Ban Ki-Moon. …no ordinary portraits. Each is actually a silk carpet, and under the woven picture of each secretary-general, there appears the woven inscription: “Presented by the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Her advice: Step AWAY from the U. N.

Mark Steyn, author of “America Alone: The End Of The World As We Know It” – (Midge Decter seated at his right)

DSCN2048 dp

Thanks to the “multi-culti’s” all people on the planet are a security risk.

If you can’t name the enemy: weak.

Your brain on P.C. is shriveled.

If you are a commie or a fascist (no argument)you’re okay. Sharia…what’s the Big Deal. Have a ‘clito”? Equally valid (no argument)

Ask “them” to name a  free  Muslim society.  Illusions meet reality but they don’t have to learn anything. No need for facts. It’s just your opinion.

Ft. Hood (connect the dots) There was a neon sign: Soldier of Allah on his business card.

Post 9-11 . Fatuous illusions to “Visit a Mosque”

Guantanamo: they were given brand new Korans hanging from the wall to show they had not been touched by the infidel guards.

The KSM trial is a totalitarian “show trial”. Holder said, “Don’t worry, he’ll be found guilty”.

Show trials have a purpose.To support the totalitarian state. To show that it means business. To intimidate…

Trans-Nationalism on a Global Scale. The only ‘good war’ is one with no stake, like Kosovo. No one remembers why we were there.

Forget remove your enemy from power. Cannot represent your own country’s best interests. Nationalism is not allowed.

Israel is still the bogeyman.

U.N is the sanctuary of the Left. You can’t change it. Get rid of it.

Millions are given by someone like Ted Turner (100 million) as a gift to the U.N.to buy himself a seat at the U.N.(NGO)

We’ve lost a generation. Lost their will. Confidence. Have no values.

Believe in everything. Believe in nothing.

3:30 Questions & Answers

4:00 Closing Remarks

Herb London

The library where we gathered to eat ….

DSCN1956 dp

In slide show screen click “show info” for names etc:

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  1. Muslims and leftists are the masters of propaganda and will say anything to win this war. We need to counter their every move.

    Keep up the good work!

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  3. Natural rights are the gifts of our Creator, not government. It is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, describing individual freedom. It only exists in America and is under assault today. Free individuals are the only pebble-droppers; the nails sticking up that government people are afraid of tripping over and seek to hammer down. It also means individual self-interest is more important than are the interest of communities. Obama and modern Democrats are opposed to that, as they are united in their support of Rousseau and Marx, not Jefferson and Madison. Check claysamerica.com for a new book, Save Pebble Droppers & Prosperity, soon to be on Amazon.com.

  4. I would like to have a DVD or VHS of the entire conference. I think it was one of the best and most informative political discussions I have seen. I would love to be able to watch it several times, and share it with others. The key to this fight is bringing that level of knowledge to the general American public. Just finding this page took over twenty minutes of my time. The forces of opposition in our nation, have their messages plastered all over the net. They put that message in front the American public in every possible way, many times subversively. We are fighting a battle of information, and we are loosing. At least that’s what I’m seeing at age 28.

    • Agreed, a video of the event would be great. Will check around and see if anything was released. Would love to post a link to it.

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