Washingtoons from Lt Col Allen B. West: “One Year down, Three to Go”

16 January 2010

“One Year down, Three to Go”

Greetings fellow riders, South Floridians, and indeed America, time for another monthly installment of our Wheels on the Road (WOTR) political assessment.

Next week on Tuesday, 19 January 2010, will mark one year since Barack Hussein Obama became President of the United States of America. I figured it would be appropriate for us to do a one year assessment of dear fearful leader and think of what the following three years could represent for America under the Obama regime….oops, I mean administration.

The first thing that comes to mind as we begin this analysis is the interesting event which shall occur on 19 January 2010, Senate special election in the State, Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The election is to replace the deceased Senator Ted Kennedy. Funny thing happening up there, Republican candidate Scott Brown is virtually neck and neck with Democrat Martha Coakley…….yes, in Massachusetts….and look Martha, this fella from Georgia spelled your State correctly!

This comes on the heels of two major gubernatorial losses last year in November 2009 by the Dems, Virginia and New Jersey. Of course we were told it had nothing to do with the radical leftist liberal agenda of President Obama and his cronies in Congress.

As Lee Corso says on ESPN College Gameday, I miss college football, “Not so fast my friend”.

This administration has taken an already huge deficit and tripled it in just a year due to the first debacle, an $800B stimulus plan. We all remember being told last year that passing this President’s stimulus plan would mean that unemployment would remain below 8%. Well, by the end of 2009 we were at 10% and here in the State of Florida we are over 11%. The actual hard numbers for unemployment are estimated to be around 17%.

Don’t forget, the black community which voted 98% for Obama now has an estimated 20% unemployment…….change you can believe in?

Due to insane fiscal policies emanating from the Treasury Secretary, a known tax cheat, our dollar is falling. We continue to do the three things history, and sound economics teaches, say you do not do; print more money, borrow more money, and raise taxes. Of course this is all because the Obama, Pelosi, and Reid triumvirate have to grow the entitlement class in order to maintain their hold on power. Sure, they will say we have had growth, but increasing the number of jobs in the federal government does not relate to economic growth of America….and how many staffers does Michele Obama have?

And who is paying these 35 or so czars?

We witnessed for the first time in my life a private sector CEO being fired by a US President. I thought that was the job of the company Board of Directors and shareholders? The federal government now controls our banking sector, and has demonized them terribly, some to their own just desserts. The federal government has controlling interest in the automobile industry, along with unions.

Of all the issues to tackle in America, the Obama administration along with an inept, incompetent, and corrupt Congressional leadership and members decided that healthcare was their priority. They have unleashed bills of enormous size; 2000-3000 pages of bloated Capitol Hill geek speak meant to confuse the American people. The result, another big government grab at 1/6 of our national production, and our lives. Just gotta tell you all, running against a Pelosi puppet like Congressman Ron Klein just makes life a little easier! Keep up that Pelosi voting record Ronnie.

In the past year we have seen the Obama crew sailing all over the world promoting American values and traditions, way wrong answer.

Matter of fact, this President was the first in 110 years to not attend the traditional Army-Navy game. The graduating seniors from Annapolis were not allowed to carry their ceremonial swords; President Obama was the graduation speaker. And we had the opportunity to see on two occasions our President take the subservient position of bowing.

It was just pathetically appalling to watch an American President parade all over the world apologizing for the exceptionalism of our Republic, town hall meetings in Europe and China….why?. However, it was even more disturbing to watch the submissive nature of this President before the Turkish National Assembly and at a University in Cairo. These speeches certainly projected weakness and a dhimmi (submissive) attitude to the clear and present dangerous totalitarian ideology which threatens our Nation and its interests.

Remember, his first telephone call as President was to Mahmoud Abbas, his first interview was with Al Arabiya, and his first Executive order was to close GITMO and be nicer to terrorists. Let us analyze the result of this behavior.

How many missiles did North Korea shoot off? Afghanistan this year witnessed its highest numbers of casualties for our Men and Women. Iran has certainly been cooperative with their nuclear program development, how many deadlines have passed?

We have thwarted islamic terrorist attacks coming out of North Carolina, a potential suicide car bomber in Dallas, and a potential bombing attack with plastic explosives in New York. In Dearborn Michigan there was a shootout with a converted radical muslim imam. We saw a young convert to islam, Carlos Bledsoe, shoot two US Soldiers outside a Little Rock recruiting station, killing one.

I, nor should anyone else forget Major Malik Nidal Hassan and his terrorist attack at Ft Hood Texas resulting in the death of 14 Americans and 30 wounded. Of course President Obama advised us to not rush to any conclusions….hmm, firing on unarmed American Soldiers and civilians shouting “Allahu Akhbar”. We surely do not want to be accused of “acting stupidly” now do we?

And where is that doggone captured Somali pirate? Someone told me they saw him partying with Derek Jeter after the Yankees won the World Series.

All this and we still want to offer illegal enemy combatants US Constitutional rights and legal proceedings because it will demonstrate how “nice” we are. We want to close GITMO because it is the number one terrorist recruiting tool?

So did the young Nigerian terrorist from Christmas Day travel to Yemen and get all “bombed up” because he did not like GITMO? Oh yea, he is an “alleged” terrorist since we have read him his Miranda rights and gotten him all “lawyered up” for his day in court.

Stupid me, I thought Miranda rights were for US citizens.

Amazing when you think of it, radical islamists give their guys training, guns, RPGs, dull knives to hack off heads, and bombs……. and we give them lawyer.

We are no longer fighting a war, just an “overseas contingency operation”. There are no longer terrorist attacks, that is a nuance…..they are “man caused disasters”.

In December, I appeared on the Sean Hannity show and was asked to grade the President. I responded, failing. If anyone can change my mind, please try, bring facts, not illogical emotional diatribe such as “he has improved our standing in the world”. Or as Sean Penn stated, “it is wonderful to have an elegant President”…LOL LOL Hey Sean, it would be better to have a President who could say “Good Morning” without a teleprompter and keep our Country safe.

Lastly, in his victory speech in November 2008, President Barack Hussein Obama stated, “Chicago is coming to DC”. It certainly has, with all its closed door dealings and corruption…..just like the recent deal made with the unions reference taxing healthcare insurance plans.

No, President Obama is not the global leader which so many touted him to be. His foray into manmade climate change drew a big laugh from God, especially as we were down here in South Florida a week ago shivering from 30 degree temperatures for close to a week.

These are just a few reasons why a year after Obama’s inauguration a Republican is within the “margin of cheating” to win a Senate seat in the State of Massachusetts….and why Congressman Ron Klein will not be Nancy Pelosi’s puppet after 2 November 2010. The people of Florida’s 22d Congressional district will have one of their own, an old school American as their Representative.

Steadfast and Loyal,

LTC(R) A B West

For more of Col West go here: http://gowestforallenwest.wordpress.com/

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