Individual Americans, by the droves, transforming into conservatives.

Excerpt from American Thinker: “Eureka, I am a Conservative”.
Horrified by out-of-control spending, a socialist agenda, and weak foreign policy, a growing number of outraged Americans have been doing some major political soul-searching.
Intuitively, they sense America has dangerously changed course, and a growing sea of citizens are now on the same page and thinking the same thoughts:

I am against the federal redistribution of wealth.
I am against entitlement politics.
I am against American czars.
I am against apology tours that denigrate the greatness of our country.
I am against tax-and-spend politics.
I am against government takeovers.
I am against amnesty citizenship for those who have entered our country illegally.
I am against the out-of-control printing of money.
I am against legislation designed to do away with free speech (Fairness Doctrine).
I am against big government.
I am against trillion-dollar government stimulus package slush funds.
I am against treating our allies like enemies and our enemies like friends.
I am against politicians who do not let us drill for oil
I am against politicians who look the other way while Iran and North Korea develop nuclear weapons.
I am against government-run health care.
I am against health care bills that provide abortion funding.
I am against backroom deals by politicians that circumvent transparency and the Constitution.
I am against trillion-dollar deficits.
I am against high taxes.
I am against treating all people to the identical security scrutiny in airports.
I am against bills that provide special exemptions for legislators.
I am against bills that provide special privileges to certain states.
I am against those who would stifle an honest global warming debate.
I am against the federal funding of corrupt organizations like ACORN.
I am against “Miranda rights” for foreign terrorists.
I am against confessed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed getting a civilian trial in NY.
I am against cap-and-trade legislation and taxing carbon footprints.
I am against the closing of GITMO and the bringing of terrorists to American soil.
I am against letting the U.N. tell us how to live.
I am against a president who does not believe in American exceptionalism.

Should I go on? Is thirty enough? The list need not end….

This is the point in time that these Americans start investigating the opposite of liberalism. They start formulating their own list of what they stand for:


I am for low taxes.
I am for small government.
I am for a free-market system.
I am for the Constitution.
I am for the Separation of Powers.
I am for fiscal responsibility.
I am for government accountability.
I am for supporting our allies and confronting the tyrants of the world.
I am for states’ rights.
I am for a strong military.

….This list need not end either….
In the past year, across this great nation of ours, an awakening has started. Let your non-conservative friends, be they liberals or independents, know….you are not alone…get them started. Provide them with a list of what you are against concerning the present administration, followed by what you believe in…don’t be shy…
Entire article is at American Thinker

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