An intimate evening with Geert Wilders in Manhattan (2-24-09) Video and pics

Tuesday evening, February 24, The Silent Majority (TSM) was  honored to attended a small, private gathering in Manhattan at which Geert Wilders screened ‘Fitna’.

This inspiring and intimate evening with Geert Wilders was hosted by the chapter head of the newly formed Manhattan branch of The Silent Majority was invited along with many others amongst whom were members of The United American Committee, Stop The Madrassa and Gathering of Eagles.

Lars Hedgaard, the president of the IFPS

Geert was accompanied by Barry Madliner, who is also a member of the Dutch Parliament and Bjorn Larsen, Geert’s contact person and coordinator, as well as the treasurer of the International Free Press Society, is a  great article to be found at IFPS explaining the economic links between Communism and Islamic infiltration It was written by Lars Hedgaard, the president of the IFPS and another one of the distinguished visitors at this  meeting.

Following the showing of  Fitna was a short speech by Geert and then a Q & A.  Since it’s dinner time, our  hostess  provided a buffet meal for us , Geert and his associates,  who graciously socialized with us all .  Geert spoke of  the growing threat of  Islamisim to the Western world and even though accompanied by 6 or 7  bodyguards, or possibly because he was, Geert was calm but firmly clear as he  stressed that NOW is the time for those of us in the US to go on the offensive. We must EDUCATE ! Ignorance is what has allowed the Islamists to swarm across Europe. The US is now staring at a similar fate . A video of the entire event is posted below ( as well as a link to more pictures) that includes  Geert’s presentation and the Q and A.

(interior light in video improves at about 2:53 )

Geert Wilders created the counter-jihad movie Fitna taking on Europe’s appeasement of Islamic infiltration, as well as confronting jihad itself. He  is an amazing man and a role- model for us all. Geert is carrying an enormous burden as he fights for his and our freedom- of speech, helping to decide the fate of the free world for yourself and your grandchildren:  The New Churchill.

We must NOT be Silent!!

Stop The Madness!

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  2. Great work, the Islamists must love you!!

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