Geert Wilders and Fitna at CPAC-2009 (no thanks to CPAC)

All webshots links were lost (2014) when Webshots ceased to exist. Will attempt to re-post.

Re-posting a Slide show of pictures from 2009 of Muslims For America AND the Geller/Spencer Geert Wilders  showing of “Fitna”

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UPDATE: I have re- posted Muslims For America pictures from their booth in 2009 and also 2011 (Suhail Khan and Grover Norquist were very active leading panels in 2011 and 2012 and….  hosting blogger parties)

Back to 2009 : Fitna is shown at CPAC ( but not by CPAC) (an important distinction)

On the weekend of Feb. 26-28, The Silent Majority joined fellow Conservatives at this three day event known as CPAC  [ConservativePolitical Action Conference] Packed with speakers and seminars meant to inspire us to “fight the good f ight” but exactly what that fight is seems to be muddied by far too many scheduled events that cling to the status-quo. In fairness there was much talk about learning to use the new media (definitely a plus) and some respected journalists and academes  were present to discuss where we’ve been and where we should be going in 2009-10: We must LEAD…NOT FOLLOW was a strong message. But what of the giant Islamic “elephant in-the -room”? (not much!)

So… Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs joined forces with Dr. Andy Bostom, David Horowitz and Robert Spencer to show CPAC how to inspire and educate BIG-Time on this most awful and looming danger in our lives: Islamic Terrorism!    counterjihad-fantastic-four

They brought Geert Wilders to CPAC while he was in the States (and after speaking to the media and on the Hill) he came to the Blue Room at the Omni Shoreham .

Mr.  Wilders spoke to the CPAC-attendees (as did Robert Spencer and Andy Bostom.) and the crowd roared with admiration and respect for Mr. Wilders.  Only Rush Limbaugh seemed to bring the crowd to such an emotional peak. The video of the whole event is posted below.  Take Note: at one point the video delayed in starting so Atlas returned to inspire us impromptu while the “bugs” were removed from the laptop.

Of course, this showing of Fitna and Mr. Wilders appearance brought the ‘conservative” Muslim CPAC attendees to our door and into the room.

During the day these ‘Muslims for America” were handing out literature in the Exhibit Hall telling the CPAC atttendees they were proud to be Americans.

But read their literature and notice what their ‘bent’ is:

CPAC shows the world what DHIMMITUDE  looks like: Shame on CPAC! as “Muslims ‘for’ America” educated  our young CPAC attendees rather than the great Geert Wilders!

By 6 PM, the ‘Muslims for America’ moved up to the Blue Room still handing out this literature and then entered the room.


They sat at a table in the back of the room with a surly demeanor. Many of us wondered if this could have been handled differently, as their presence seemed to influence Mr. Wilders security to have him leave during the showing of Fitna. Granted he’d had a full day and was exhausted, but we at TSM wonder why permit these Muslim malcontents to enter the room and sit amongst those who came to support and praise Mr. Wilders?

The fabulous Robert Spencer was in great form. (Seems it was his birthday and we all sang him a hearty Happy Birthday)

Then, Mr. Spencer DEBUNKED this ridiculous flyer that the muzzies had handed out to the audience. (in video Robert begins at about 5:05)

A full report of the presentation can be found at .

Atlas  on Bloggers Row at CPAC:

See more pictures here >> ( and two short videos of the crowd filling the Blue Room )

HEADS UP: A  report, video and pictures of Geert’s Press Conference at the National Press Club are here>>

More also on CPAC with pictures from the Exhibit Hall as well as the events offered the attendees here>>



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