SUPPORT OUR CANDIDATES: Jesse Petrilla of UAC running for City Council in Southern California


News from Southern California. United American Committee’s founder, Jesse Petrilla is running for City Council.

An exciting update on my campaign:

Friends, I have been raising funds for a bid at my city council, and have already netted nearly $11,000.

Running for City Council:
I have spent the past several years in the trenches working for various issues in Southern California. It is now time that I begin a career of service to my nation both in the Army Reserves, and in politics. Soon I will be launching my campaign for the City Council of Rancho Santa Margarita. I need your generous support now more than ever. Thank you.

Regardless of where you live, please know that you are helping to launch the political career of an anti-jihad, pro-America, fighting grassroots conservative who will greatly work for his community, and for advancing our ideals.

In this time when America is faced with many challenges, we must look to preserve the safety and comfort of our lives, and it starts at the community level. Please join me to make the lives of our children prosperous and secure by actively engaging our community leaders, limiting government involvement, and making all our lives a little easier.

What I need is your recurring support in order to reach the needed amount to win.

Please set up a recurring donation, however small or large, by visiting the following link:
Check the box that says “Make my payment a recurring payment”,
and set it to repeat each month for whatever length you can sustain. The election is 20 months away.

You may also mail a check to:
Taxpayers for Jesse Petrilla
P.O. Box 80325
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

I thank you for your support.


Jesse Petrilla

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