(video)Rising GOP star under attack. His service and possibly his Jewish heritage…

Josh Mandel (Ohio) his service (and possibly his Jewish heritage) is being used against him by his Democratic opponent…. “…his  Democratic opponent, Bob Belovich, is using his military service against Mandel-accusing him of fighting “George Bush’s War”. Belovich’s wife accuses Mandel of being AWOL: fighting instead of serving his constituents.  Mandel’s Jewish heritage has also been brought up by Belovich (captured on theYou Tube video below)”

Rising GOP star under attack

Ed Lasky http://www.americanthinker.com

We have written about Ohio state representative Josh Mandel before at American Thinker He is a young GOP “star” who also served two tours of duty in Iraq as a US marine.

Now his service (and possibly his Jewish heritage) is being used against him by his Democratic opponent in this, Mandel’s latest tough battle. After winning his first election he was asked to voluntarily  return to Iraq to serve his nation. He chose to do so. Despite his tour in Iraq he was able to accomplish much as a state representative. His legislative accomplishment included leading the way in a successful fight to force Ohio’s multi-billion dollar pension funds to divest from companies doing energy-related business in Iran and Sudan.

We have journalist Joel Mowbray to thank for informing us about Mandel and now Joel is back with an update at Townhall about Mandel’s latest fight: this time not in Iraq but in his own district. (…) Mandel also faces a tough race because of the efforts of the Ohio Democratic Party to target him.

Joel Mowbray writes:
Ohio Democrats targeted him from the beginning, because at just 31 years old, he is seen as a top up-and-comer. Progressive Majority, a moveon.org-affiliated political action committee that focuses on local races, has made defeating Mr. Mandel a top priority. Then there’s the Obama effect. ACORN activists have blanketed the area, and every liberal group from moveon.org to the Obama campaign is working to maximize Democratic turnout. (…) Read entire article here>>
To learn more about Josh Mandel: Go here>>

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