The Hot Breath of “The Obamessiah” and CHANGE (can you feel it?)Wake Up, America!! Wake Up!!

Shepard Fairey’s Obama Poster

The CHANGE she’s is a comin’…..

And now….let’s go hurl in a corner somewhere….’cause post Nov 5….if we have an Obamessiah in CHARGE of the further destruction of our Republic…. we will all become ‘Joe The Plumber”….wanted criminals…

A reader made a comment and sent a link to this lovely gem:

He suggested that we, “Check out the Oct 22 2008 PRINT edition of the newspaper Metro Santa Cruz.  The online edition has the same picture but is too small to see detail (the important part).  Pictured is Obama in his superhuman outfit with his foot squishing radio station KSCO, a small town conservative radio station. But the detail is in the stuff you cannot see online.  The print edition has a swastika drawn into KSCO.  The station is owned by a local Jewish family.”

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