“Stop ACORN now” Petition! Stop voter fraud!!! Keep America Free!

Who is Barack Hussein Obama REALLY?  What did he know and WHEN did he KNOW it?!

To Sign Petition Go Here>>

  • Direct the Attorney General to investigate the voter registration programs of ACORN to determine the extent to which a coordinated effort at voter fraud has been undertaken.
  • Direct the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to conduct an immediate audit of all tax money sent to ACORN or any of its affiliates to determine if public money has been diverted to partisan political operations and to refer any evidence of such diversion to the appropriate U.S. Attorney for prosecution.
  • Direct the Secretary of State and the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency to investigate the efforts of ACORN International in efforts to undermine democratically elected governments and to determine the full extent of the relationship between ACORN and ACORN International with the governments of Cuba and Venezuela.

From American Thinker (Clarice Feldman) “…the Republican base (is)outraged over the voter registration fraud investigations in ten states. An online petition has been created to demand an investigation of it and that the government take steps to stop its continued violations of election law.While there, take a look at the website of this new organization, stopacorn.org.”


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