Clinton Centrists DEMAND investigate ACORN!

Hat Tip from J.W-

“Wow(…)required reading...the  scope…is awesome and some of it is new.”

  • Clinton centrists join with Republicans to provide massive evidence of voter fraud and intimidation against Clinton in the primaries.
  • Racketeering charges are going forward as we speak.
  • It is probable that if Obama “wins” the election will be contested.

Clinton supporters claim the Democratic party leadership used these tactics to get BHO the nomination.
(no duh!)

…they claim that as the election campaigns continue the pollsters are more and more weighting the polls with Dem samples to artificially raise BHOs numbers.(…) this claims that the MSM fund the pollsters and demand pro-Obama polls to support the MSM bias.(nothing new here)
“… how much bipartisan effort (is) already going into  legally contesting Obama’s tactics before the election. Read and be  cheered.”

Read more at HillBuzz – Go HERE >>

To See Documentary “We Will Not Be Silenced” Go Here>>

One response to “Clinton Centrists DEMAND investigate ACORN!

  1. Why do the words, “chickens coming home to roost” keep ringing in my head?


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