UPDATE: The Israel Project has removed itself from the Ah’Jad Rally at the UN:

From Barbara Ledeen:The Israel Project has removed its support for the Rally which disinvited Palin. The only rally in ny we are participating in is the one on the 25th.”

From Atlas Shrugs. Info on the Ah’Jad Protest on the 25th:

“This is real sickness. Unimaginable. These pathetic women  and “religious leaders”  should be forced forced to bury the numerous bodies of those publicly hanged in Iran.

The promise of a second holocaust of the Jews seems to titillate these souless fools.

The American Friends Service Committee, Mennonite Central Committee, Quaker United Nations Office, Religions for Peace, World Council of Churches – United Nations Liaison Office are having an Iftar – a dinner to break the Ramadan fast—with “religious leaders” and AHMADINEJAD next week, THURSDAY, SEPT. 25 at 6pm in New York. The invitation is below.

We need to  mobilize other religious leaders to counter the Ahmadinejad lovefest because it is very important that religion not be hijacked and that Israel and the U.S. be defended from Ahmadinejad’s regime. 

There will be a  demonstration against this abomination from 5.30 on.We will be broadcasting into Iran as well. Go Here>> To read more on the 25th Rally and why we need to BE THERE!!

˜˜˜                                   ˜˜˜                                 ˜˜˜                                         ˜˜˜

Well…The Dems are swimming in it…They just keep peeing all over America every chance they get and the Jewish Council of Presidents is spinning like a top trying to please these low-life bottom-dwelling Dems. They don’t GET that Ah’Jad is going to KILL every Jew… behind every rock(first) and then he’ll make quick work of the “Rest of the West”. HELLO!!

Sarah Palin is NOT the enemy!!!

The Silent Majority will NOT attend this year’s ‘Get Lost, Ah’jad” protest at the UN. We should ALL protest this  dangerous “Folly of the Council” by NOT attending.

Wake Up, America!! Demand that Sarah Palin be re-invited. Contact these numbers NOW!!


Call, email etc. Governor Palin should be placed AGAIN on the speakers list:

Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations

633 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10017
Phone: 212-318-6111
Fax:     212-644-4135         Email: info@conferenceofpresidents.org

The Israel Project
Washington DC Office  Phone:202- 857-6644
Fax: 202-857-6674
Email: info@theisraelproject.org

United Jewish Communities info@ujc.org
Telephone: 212.284.6500

UJA of NY Events
Mindy Rubin

What’s going on?! Below is a theory given as a hat-tip:

“After calling the NYC rally event organizers and urging them to keep Gov. Palin on the invite list, I called the Republican Jewish Coalition in Washington. The guy on the other end was completely sympathetic; and then gave me the skinny – the DNC made some crystal clear phone calls to the event organizers saying that they are taking names and will kick ass on this one. If Obama wins, there will be retribution for anyone (or organization)that does not tow the line and get Palin thrown off the invite list. The McCain/Palin is polling very well in the Jewish community, and the DNC is petrified of the imagery of Sarah Barracuda hurling fireballs at the Persian maniac. That image is absolute red meat for the lovers of America and Israel and attract new voters. This has not been independently substantiated. Anybody heard anything?

End of the statement…

Someone’s got a lotta ‘splainin’ to do…

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