UPDATE: Found a Da’wah Ad on the F-Train to Brooklyn…

The TSM found a da’wah ad on the F train on the 17th of September. That’s HALF way though “Ramadan”. There was only one card in this car…and it’s presence was nil. People were looking down…dozing…more interested in the water-tables so TSM got off at Brooklyn Borough Hall.Took other pictures as well (looking for the free-water da’wah tables) See banner below. (Is it facing mecca?)

Maybe the D, B lines will have ads since just like the F trains there are many empty ad cards (waiting to be filled?)  $48,000 and so far (with  half of Ramadan over) it’s not much of a campaign. And WHERE are those Free Water tables?!

Someone should ask the MTA Imam…why so shy?

Here’s  2 pictures

See the empty Ad cards…many of the cars have blank slot cards….

BTW-The commuters  interviewed over at NPR >> were just as unimpressed with the ads as one would expect from people who aren’t brainwashed Islamist robots. (we can HOPE)

TSM noticed that the bus ads in Seattle are much more intense:

Okay, Bloomy (Mayor-no-term-limits-for-me)Let us know when the Channikah and Christmas displays are going up at Burough Hall. Give us a call…

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