From Baghdad…as usual, the good news goes unreported…

Re-Enlistment Ceremony in IRAQ. (great pictures and video)

All the News the Grey-Lady didn’t think was “Fit-to-Print”

‘….reputedly the largest re-enlistment ceremony ever held in military history’.

(Guess it doesn’t fit with their reporting of the hollow force, poor morale, etc….)

The ceremony was held July 4, 2008 at Al Faw Palace, Baghdad, Iraq. General Petraeus officiated.

Tremendous re-enlistment in BaghdadSomehow this didn’t make it onto network news broadcasts.For those who have been in the Al Faw Palace you’ll have a better estimation of the number of people crammed in the rotunda. (here’s a clue) A pizzeria in Chicago donated 2000 pizzas that were made (frozen), shipped on Sunday, Arrived in Baghdad Wednesday and were fed to the troops on the 4th.  BTW- The media did report on the 2000 pizzas…just not what they were for.

We are The Silent MAJORITY, No More!!
hat tip – A. S.
and here’s the VIDEO (found this at StopTheACLU )
General David Petraeus swore over 1,200 men and women, on July 4, into their next term of service at Camp Victory in Iraq. The ceremony is but one of many mass re-enlistments occurring to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the all-volunteer U.S. Military forces which began on July 1, 1973, which was when the draft ended.

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