Fun with Sarah Palin…Let the Good-Times begin!

hat tip American Thinker by way of Free Republic:

The best Sarah Palin picture yet

Best of all, it appears genuine and believable. Let the captions begin.

Sarah Palin and firends

Mega-Hat tip: bigjoesaddle at Free Republic, who suggests “Barbarians for Sarah Palin” and to Steve Gilbert.
And more: “Sarah ‘Barracuda”!? Read this and more from Ed Lasky at American Thinker>>:”Governor Palin saw corruption and fought the establishment to end it; Barack Obama was a creature of corruption and sought to strengthen it. Did he “turn on” his political patrons? No, despite their corruption that robbed and weakened the citizens of Illinois. No..he bolstered them.” ( who’s the bottom-feeder?)
Investigations are called for, “Yes”!  Investigate BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA! And Right On! Sarah “B”.

One response to “Fun with Sarah Palin…Let the Good-Times begin!

  1. Seems there’s a flurry of ‘hysteria’ from the Leftards that Governor Palin is Assembly of God…Wow… that’s really scary, boys and girls…Think about it…The beheadings, the hangings…the suicide….oh wait…that’s the ISLAMISTS! (duh)

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