Wa-Po Online chat: HipHopRepublican.com makes The Washington Post

On Wednesday, August 20th- HipHopRepublican.com makes The Washington Post

Hip Hop Republican was featured on The Washington Post and The Root Magazine on the front online page. Our very own Lenny McAllister answered questions at 12pm on the question,” What does it mean to be a HipHopRepublican?”

In a promotion of the August 20 article, “Hip Hop Republicans” for the online magazine The Root : Lenny McAllister will be featured as the moderator on a live chat for The Washington Post on Today: Wednesday, August 20.

Lenny hosted the discussion online between the hours of 12 noon and 1 PM EST. The focal point of the discussion was on the issues addressed in the article. He also discussed the latest news as the Presidential Campaigns head toward the National Conventions.”This is a historical time,” McAllister stated. “This is a chance for all of us to discover a new depth and connection to American politics. It’s our election, our government, and our issues. I’m just blessed to be able to help bring different viewpoints to the conversation.

This historical experience should also be one where we learn and grow.“The Washington Post encouraged those that had questions or suggestions to e-mail liveonline@washingtonpost.com.

The promotion for the chat is posted here>>

RI from HipHop also says: “They are claiming I invented a new political term ‘HipHopRepublican” but the term ironically was used first by the Post when referring to Michael Steele when he ran in Maryland’s senate seat. So this is a brief definition of what is a Hip Hop Republican. (Though the moniker may seem oxymoronic at first, the label fits the viewpoints of many within our generation.) “A “Hip Hop Republican” is not an Uncle Tom, sellout, or race traitor that would trade the best interests of the Black community for the scraps off of the proverbial political table. Former Lt. Governor of Maryland Michael Steele perhaps said it best about us Hip-Hop Republicans and other minorities – when he stated that in today’s America, “…African Americans and other minorities no longer want a seat at the lunch counter, but to own the entire diner…”

The Silent Majority is hopeful the Wa-Po audience was ready to hear those “different viewpoints” from Lenny McAllister: Hip-Hop Republican!

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  1. There are more black republicans than folks generally realize. They just never get the publicity of the lapdog democrats.

    Go West!

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