The Fabulous Black Republican Forum-2008- with pictures and video


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Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican. Not enough people know this FACT but wonderfully that information was on display at the Annual Black Republican Forum. This Forum is here to Educate…to correct the propaganda passing as history and that it did. As The Silent Majority entered the second floor foyer of the beautiful Republican Women’s Club in New York City (just a hop from St. Patrick’s Cathedral) there was a table filled with books and pamphlets as well as a poster of the First American Blacks to sit in Congress (in the 1800’s!); Free Men and Elected! A long overdue freedom that came courtesy of the Republican Party; the real history of America that’s been erased by the Zinn/Chomsky ‘history’ books that have replaced the truth in our public schools.

The Black Republican Forum’s site: states:

The Black Republican Forum is an interactive event with speakers, panelists and attendees from across America. It is an opportunity to discuss and act on issues important to all Americans regardless of race.

It’s time to shatter the color perception of the gop

And That it Did!

The Forum was filled with great speakers and a full day of engaging topics.

Race and the Presidential Election *** Urban Issues in the 21st Century
The Black Church and State *** Media Bias: Perception vs. Reality
The True History of Civil Rights *** Illegal Immigration and Black America
When Political Correctness Leads To Campaign Paralysis

This was the kind of day Republicans can use more of… a real ego-boost of a day.

There were so many people (of all types and colors present) speaking proudly and comfortably about being Republicans and when Frances Rice (Chairman of the National Black Republican Association) announced their support for John McCain as President of these United States…the room stood and applauded with great enthusiasm.

America! What a Country!

America needs to take back the message! And Republicans should demand that the anti- American and anti-Republican propaganda being shoved through our schools:Cease and Desist! The Truth must prevail. Those who held the American Negro in slavery, resisted and fought against the end to slavery and those people were Democrats. But, the American Negro slave was so ready to be a Free-man and he EMBRACED those freedoms won through the tragic but necessary War-Between-the-States. They became full and active American citizens. But, sadly, that same party, the Democrats… piece-by- piece… disassembled those freedoms within a few decades by creating the “Jim Crow South.” And today those Southern Racist Democrats are still around working with the Leftists, pretending to support “racial equality in partnership with the Jesse Jackson Vict-o-Crats and the Racist-Al Sharptons who want nothing to do with The Truth.

The Silent Majority gives a Standing Ovation to The Annual Black Republican Forum for speaking The Truth! Even the weary C-SPAN cameraman said this was a very interesting day! (That means he was LISTENING…)

The Message was loud and clear:

Support the candidates.

Support The Forum

Support the Truth.

The Future of our country depends on it.

Link to pictures with captions from the Black Republican Forum

Video Links Watch Allen West and Lynn Swann

From New York City:

The Silent Majority attended two fabulous events this week!

Lt. Col. Allen West, who is running for Congress in Florida, spoke to the Young Republicans at the Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Club. And then the next day, at the Women’s Republican Club, the future of the Republican party was alive and well …showcased by the Black Republican Forum.

First we would like to recommend watching the video of Colonel West.

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Col. West is one fabulous speaker. Florida and America need more people like Allen West in Congress! To contribute to Allen West’s campaign go here.

VOTE for Allen West if you are a Floridian. And remember, those of us from other states can show our support for our Republican candidates through contributions even if we can’t vote for them.

Then…the next day at the Black Republican Forum was even more amazing. There was no shortage of history. The real history of the Republican Party and how it has shaped the country for the better. No Zinn/Chomsky revisionist history permitted at this event.

There were so many in attendance. Candidates for Congress from Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida and Massachusetts. And an exciting array of panelists and speakers.

Click program to read
The day flew by ending with a superb speech by the awesome Lynn Swann.
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CSPAN covered the Forum and there was press, but not enough press.

The Silent Majority noted there was an absence of the MSM. No surprises there. So the participation of blogs like Atlas Shrugs and HipHop Republican, The Gathering of Eagles and The Silent Majority reinforces how vital our presence and our reports can be.

The MSM tries to keep Forums like The Black Republicans ‘under-wraps’ . Not going to happen as long as we can fight back with a FREE Internet.

There will be more to this report tomorrow so be sure to return for more on the Black Republican Forum.

A few pictures of displays and printed materials at Forum:

4 responses to “The Fabulous Black Republican Forum-2008- with pictures and video

  1. americanvalues

    Excerpts from Alicia Colon (NYSun) : Is America ready for a black president? Absolutely; it has been for some time. We probably would have had one by now if the black community had ever supported a conservative the way they are now supporting one of the most liberal. (snip) The blacks who have attained the strongest national leadership roles have been Republicans: the first black secretary of state, Colin Powell, and the first black female secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice. Republicans have been ready for a black president since Lincoln.

  2. Great work Pam!! It’s time for all Blacks to recognize that since the Civil War till today, the Republican party has always been the party of freedom, emancipation, civil rights and integration for Blacks and the Democrats have been the party of slavery, KKK, Jim Crow laws, segregation and southern aristoctats. It’s time to take back the Zinn/Chomsky/Ayers public school revisionist history books and curricula and start to teach our children the truth about America, slavery and freedom.

  3. To americanvalues,
    To look at a candidate just for their color is just foolish. What that person stands for is what counts, not their color. As for Rice, she has done a HORRIBLE job. She knows nothing about Islam and has accomplished nothing, but Islamic ass kissing. The sooner she retires the better.

  4. Allen West is an American hero we can trust in U.S. Congress.

    GO WEST!

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