Stop this madness Mayor Bloomberg!

What is happening New York? What are the politicians of this State and this city thinking?!

Starting in September in Islamic group with terrorist ties is planning to run a da’wa campaign in the New York City subways. The New York Chapter of Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and it’s 877-WHY-ISLAM project is sponsoring 1,000 ads to appear in 1,000 New York City subway cars during Ramadan.

The up-roar that followed is quite similar to what New York experienced last year with the announced opening of the Kahlil Gibran International Academy and the people of New York are feeling betrayed by its dhimmified, accidental Governor Patterson…. who approved this da’wa action!

Also, take note of the ‘co-incidence”…this propaganda campaign will coincide with 9/11 and uses Ramadan as an excuse to ‘educate ’ the New York City dhimmis and ollowing this ad campaign will be the October 12th Annual Muslim Day Parade. The audacious decision to hold this Muslim Day parade on a date that marks the Jihadist attack on the USS Cole is totally lacking in sensitivity and more obviously hijacks Columbus Day! How did it ever get approved?!

We need National awareness to this outrage.

Governor Pattersen, Senators Schumer and Clinton and Mayor Bloomberg need emails, faxes and phone calls telling them that we, the citizens, are outraged. We demand that this propaganda assault on our subways be stopped!

If this campaign proceeds unabated, then Americans need to prepare a counter-attack of printed materials and posters as most likely the media will consider da’wa ads in our public subway system a non-story.

This is that “INVITATION” to Islam for the City of New York . We should be VERY, VERY Afraid!! We need to “Wake up America” to this assault.

Gov. Patterson’s Albany Phone Number : 518- 474- 8390

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  1. Yes, they must first invite you to islam before they attack. 1,ooo ads available to about 3-4 million people a day is quite an invitation. Will the majority of people say after the next attack, we had no idea, or, it is just some radicals hijacking a peaceful religion, or, well Christians did bad things 700 years ago too, or, blah, blah.
    I am part of the majority that will not be silenced, this is no game, this is life or death, which will we choose, life or death. I am not talking about personal life or death here, I would rather die a thousand times than ever bow to a homicidal pedophilic god, I am talking about national life or death. If a nation has a cancer and allows it to go untreated, the cancer will kill it. Time to remove the cancer, NOW!
    Cancer, thy name is islam.

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