Contact Senator Clinton Today! Rachel’s Law!!

Rachel’s Law( recently passed in New York State) passed at the Federal level.

This bill is called the Free Speech Protection Act of 2008.

It is designed to protect freedom of speech for American journalists, such as Rachel Ehrenfeld, who attempt to challenge the actions and teachings of radical Islamist fundamentalists.

Rachel a hero! We need Hillary Clinton to sign on as a sponsor of this bill or at least to support it. Chuck Schumer just signed on days ago. Please call or send an e-mail to Hillary asap.

Lets get this bill passed in the next few weeks. It is currently on the Senate floor.

Senator Hillary Clinton Contact Information:
Telephone: 202-224-4451
Fax:   202-228-0282

email; go to Senator Hillary Clinton website and then follow link to “contact  Senator Clinton” ;  you then fill in your contact information and type your message in a pre-set box and submit. 

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