McCain insists he was right, Obama wrong on Iraq

McCain said. “I don’t need any on-the-job training.” (TSM Loves this one!)

McCain insists he was right, Obama wrong on Iraq

By TOM RAUM, Associated Press

Republican John McCain worked on Monday to wrestle the spotlight from rival Barack Obama’s tour of Iraq by insisting he was right and the Democrat was wrong about the war and releasing a new critical ad blaming higher gas prices on his opponent. (SNIP)

Any withdrawal of troops from Iraq “must be based on conditions on the ground,” McCain told reporters as he stood beside the 84-year-old former president.

The Arizona senator disparaged Obama as “someone who has no military experience whatsoever.”

“When you win wars, troops come home,” McCain said. “He’s been completely wrong on the issue. … I have been steadfast in my position.”

On Afghanistan, McCain said, “I’ve always said it’s long and tough and hard.”

(SNIP) Bush would not criticize either McCain for advocating oil drilling on the Outer Continental Shelf nor his son for rescinding his own 1992 presidential order banning such offshore drilling. (SNIP) In arguing for an end to the offshore moratorium and for drilling in the Alaska preserve, President Bush said that these steps “will take years to have their full impact” on energy costs.

At a rally alongside a military museum in South Portland later Monday, McCain continued his efforts to portray Obama as risky on matters of war and peace. “I hate war and I know how to win wars,” McCain said. “I don’t need any on-the-job training.”

“Our troops will come home in honor and they won’t come home in defeat,” he added.

Of Obama, McCain said, “He refuses to this day to acknowledge that it (Bush’s troop buildup) has succeeded.” (Snip)

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