MTA- Clueless or Greedy?

Who is responsible for this decision at the MTA??? The Silent Majority says the public has a right to know. Apparently those in the MTA who approved this haven’t heard of 9/11 and have not listened to the Islamists’ call for Sharia law to supercede our Constitution. New Yorkers will not be silent!!!


July 21, 2008

Allah board!

An Islamic group plans to blitz 1,000 subway cars with advertisements this September in a campaign being promoted by a Brooklyn imam whom federal officials have linked to a plot to blow up city landmarks.

The group says its mission is to explain the true nature of Islam to non-Muslims who believe the religion is bent on acts of violence – but Siraj Wahhaj, the inflammatory imam who appears in a promotional YouTube video for the project, has defended convicted bomb-plotters and called the FBI and CIA the “real terrorists.”(SNIP)

Timed to run during the month of Ramadan, the ads come in pairs, reading “Q: Prophet Muhammad?” or “Q: Islam?” and the corresponding answer is always “A: You deserve to know.”

Those interested in knowing more are directed to call (877) WHY-ISLAM or to visit, which provide literature that teaches and proselytizes about the faith.

The group insists it is not looking to transform subway cars into the “G-had train.”

“Anyone who looks at this ad objectively can see that it is not preaching anything,” Azeem Khan, the group’s assistant secretary general, told The Post. “There is a
lot of Islamaphobia out there. We provide people with a chance to speak with an actual Muslim who is informed.”

Wahhaj, imam of Al-Taqwa mosque, is a former member of the Nation of Islam and was the first Muslim to give an invocation at the House of Representatives.

Formal charges were never filed against him by White, although he did serve as a character witness for the defense in the trial of Omar Abdel-Rahman, “the blind sheik” who is now serving a life sentence for his role in plotting the 1993 WTC bombings.

In the promotional video for the Subway Project, Wahhaj is the first to speak.

“Every day in this city, some 4.9 million people ride the subways – that is a lot of people,” he says. “Imagine them seeing the word Islam. Imagine them seeing the word Muhammad.”

The MTA confirmed that the group has signed a contract for the ad campaign but would not comment further.

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The best response to Islamists advertising for Islam on the NYC subway is a counter campaign on NYC subways.

Expose the true Islam. Educate!! the public to the 14 or 15 Islamic inspired wars going on now, from the Philippines to SE Asia. From China to Sudan. They aren’t started by the Christians or the Jews or the Bahais or the Hindus, etc. But by Islamic fascists.

Note the slaughter of blacks in Sudan while the Muslim world says and does nothing about it, including the Muslims in America. Talk about a real Nakba. It could note the rape of non Muslim woman by Muslims throughout Europe.

Note what the Barbary pirates were all about when they enslaved 1 million people of European stock. Causing An American President to go to war BECAUSE of Muslim terrorism against Americans in the early 1800’s!!

The genocide Islam practices against the Christians of the Middle East. Where have they gone and why.

Explain dihimmi behavior is (including the latest hijab chic) as practiced by all non-Muslims in the Middle East, and now Europe. Many of our fellow citizens don’t know any of these facts! It’s time they learned.

Let’s counter strike against these fascist bums right here on the NYC subway system.

(thanks to M.M. for these thoughts so well-expressed)

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