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Owen Shroyer of Info Wars Confronts N.Y. Times Censorship

Owen Shroyer from InfoWars.com protested outside the New York Times “All the News that Fit to Print” building at 5:30 pm. It was Thursday, Dec. 12, 2109 as Shroyer, standing in the Info Wars “Battle-Tank”, called out the “Newspaper of Record’s”efforts to end free speech in America.

FLICKR slide show:


Seems the NY Times wants Shroyer to be banned from the internet.(Click picture to enlarge)
So he pulled up in a “tank”  to call out the newspaper’s efforts to end free speech. [J Owen Shroyer twitter – @allidoisowen]

Also, outside the Times was a small group of local Communists. They were at odds with the Times – but mixing apples and oranges perhaps – as they were defending espionage as “freedom of the press”. [see ++ for more espionage info]

WHY was Shroyer being attacked by the Times? I was unfamiliar with Shroyer, InfoWars is not a site I follow, but his Jerry Nadler impeachment confrontation I did know.  It was just the type of street theatre the LEFT pulls all the time. But apparently punishable when coming from the right.

His live streamed video has clear audio of his Nadler statements – ending at :46 – though not a great picture. See twitter link. [https://twitter.com/allidoisowen/status/1204040325813227523]

 My VIDEO outside the Times:

“Free Julian Assange/ Trump 2020/ USA. USA. /America is the greatest country in the world.Why is the NY Times calling for the end to Free Speech? Why is the NY Times writing articles saying Free Speech should be banned? Why are liberals calling for censorship? Liberals are frauds. They’re not real liberals. They’re fascists. We don’t want communism in the west. We want freedom. We want capitalism. People flee communist countries to come to America. People flee the ….  of socialism to come to America. We will not be a Socialist country. We will not be a Fascist country. But, if the N.Y. Times had its way, we would  be. (gesturing to upper floors) Is Niole going to come down and speak to me? [Nicole Perlroth covers cybersecurity fo N.Y. Times] I didn’t think so. (Continues talking to upper floors) Why do you guys hate free speech? Why do you want me to be shut down? Why is the N.Y. Times anti Free Speech. I thought liberals were PRO free speech. Why are liberals so intolerant? What is wrong with these people? (chants) Freedom of the Press. The N.Y. Times is Fascist. If the N.Y. Times can censor me, they can censor you. We cannot allow the fascists at the N.Y. Times to censor free speech.We cannot allow the fascists in the democrat party to censor free speech. America is rising. Trump 2020. America is back. (From Communist protestors: Free “Chelsea” Manning. Free Julian Assange) and the N.Y. Times Lies. U.S.A. U.S.A. The N. Y. Times hates America.”

Quotes from protest info wars video at N.Y. Times: “I’m here to confront the NY Times, anti-American Fake news rag, 500 watt PA system (1000 watt PA).

(Times) wants him to be banned from the internet / I should be kicked off the internet. NY Times you thought you shut us down. Here we are in a battle tank.

We know you’re fake news. NY Times turned into a fake news rag. I’m anti- American? USA.USA.

You hate yourself. Lots of haters in NY. All telling him to f-off. Mental mind slaves to fake news. 

I should be shut down for lying?  That would shut down the CIA. FBI. I’m standing up for your right to free speech. You vote for Dems – destroy cities and you keep voting for it. Nothing better to do then bitch and whine. (to foul mouthed heckler) Can you stop cursing? Thank you. you’re giving Trump 4 more years.”

Enjoyed Shroyer’s street theatre performance, as did most of the passersby. Trump 2020 and USA USA did not gather any boos, other than the odd heckler, so perhaps more of NY is getting sick of the leftist press than the leftist media will admit.

[Where indicated Pictures and Video property of Pamela Hall]

++ SO, if I’m wrong I’m sure I’ll hear about it, but I’m left with this question, “HOW does ESPIONAGE qualify as Freedom of the Press?” Anyone?++

“… in early March 2010, Assange agreed to help Manning, an Army intelligence analyst, with cracking an administrative password to the military’s classified internet system.

In late 2009, Manning was a disillusioned Army private first class (known as Bradley) serving in Baghdad. His secure work computer gave him access to files detailing the U.S. military’s operations in the Middle East region including hundreds of thousands of battlefields reports known as “SigActs,” or significant action reports, filed by U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq that contained descriptions of mundane military events and firefights.

Manning described unsuccessfully trying to get the attention of The New York Times and The Washington Post/the Army private first class decided to contact Wikileaks,

In March and April 2010, Manning sent Wikileaks 250,000 diplomatic cables, a video of an airstrike in Afghanistan killed civilians and hundreds of assessments about the detainees being held at Guantanamo.

Manning provided Wikileaks with 400,000 Iraq SigAct reports, 90,000 Afghanistan SigAct reports, 250,000 State Department cables and 800 Guantanamo detainee assessment briefs.

Following the guilty plea, Manning was sentenced to 35 years in jail, but his sentence was later commuted by President Barack Obama to seven years. Manning has been held at a jail in Virginia for refusing to testify to a federal grand jury that was investigating Wikileaks.

According to the indictment, Assange was accused of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion in order to help Bradley Manning gain access to privileged information which he intended to publish on Wikileaks. On 15 July 2019, documents revealed that Assange had used the Ecuadorian embassy to meddle in the 2016 US Presidential election and had met with Russian and various hackers from around the world to do so.[6]

… So many twists and turns in the story….