Patriots’ Largest Trump Flag Drop – Fifth Ave and more

October 13, 2020. NYC.  Dion Cini arranged to unfurl the LARGEST Trump flag on Fifth Avenue in of Trump Tower.  (over head picture captured by Operation Flag Drop) . The flag is 75’x50′

Spirits were high as they waited to cover the BLM graffiti with this enormous flag before marching to Times Square.

My pictures are street level as they “Took Fifth Ave”and opened the TRUMP LAW AND ORDER Blue Line flag,  so it’s a different perspective.(video above)

.The blue and red paint used to DEFACE the BLM graffiti previously by our patriots, was STILL THERE! (SEE LINK to article re previous paint assaults)

(Screen shot from my video) When the Red paint first went down it was very intense, now it’s spread down the avenue.

Seems Mayor ‘DeBozo” no longer forces the police to clean up the paint, something he did more than once til now. I would label these actions a success!

Flickr slide show Fifth Avenue.



See link for video flag drop 42nd st (Operation Flag Drop)

The patriots marched down Fifth with the ENORMOUS “Trump Law and Order” flag to chants of “Trump 2020” and “Whose Streets Our Streets”, ending in Times Square. I was told our NYPD was very pleased with this show of support.

Great news item on the whole event from UK Daily Mail.

Addendum: This is my third Dion Cino Flag Drop. Previously, I witnessed  Robert De Niro’s Restaurant Reopening and on Sept 18, 2020, the Intrepid Flag Drop.

Our flags hung over the West Side Highway with much honking in support from passing cars. By coincidence, there was a very visible Chinese flag flying in the back ground.

And, an ad about Russia and VOTING. (go figure)

Flickr slide show


As always, the enthusiasm at these many Operation Flag Drops was enervating. The air ringing with “TRUMP 2020” !

 America, is gonna VOTE RED!

[Where indicated, pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall]

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