DEFUND the NYPD : Washington Square (statues & grounds vandalized)

Interesting, the statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi [one of the leaders of Italian unification] was untouched.

(sort of) Garibaldi Plaza  in Washington Square

++ So, what’s the next step: Overthrow the mayor of NYC

The mayor has told us numerous times that if you aren’t part of the blm movement then your life doesn’t matter.
He has bankrupted the city. Our educational system is a shambles.
He has defunded and demoralized the NYPD.
Crime has skyrocketed.
Children are being shot and murdered weekly.
Today over 6 people were shot in Brooklyn, while the Mayor made sure the defaced street by Trump Tower was defaced again with blm being painted even brighter.
It’s time to to say ENOUGH in front of NY City Hall.
A group of NYC residents are organizing a Resign Now DeBlasio protest.
He can’t be impeached or removed from office permently unless he is convicted of a crime.
Resignation is the only way we will get rid of Mayor Disaster.
In order for this action and following actions to be effective, we must have a huge turnout.
We do it for rallies and celebrations. We must make time to protest or suffer the consequences.
It is NOT a partisan issue. It is a NYC resident issue.  It’s time to take back our city!

++ And learn the names of these radical Cosponsoring groups of the DEFUND the NYPD:
DSA AfroSocialist and Socialists of Color Caucus
Voices Of Community Activists & Leaders (VOCAL-NY)
Organizing For Equity, NY
DC 37 Progressives
Hold Police Accountable with an Elected Civilian Review Board
Left Voice
Progressive Doctors
Labor for Palestine
Parents Supporting Parents NY
Jewish Voice for Peace-New York City
Rockaway Revolution
Sixth Street Community Center
Party for Socialism and Liberation – PSL
Socialist Alternative, NYC
The Local 100 Fightback Coalition
Grassroots Action NY
Communist Party USA
Red Bloom: A Communist Collective
International Socialist League
Bushwick Mutual Aid
Dianne Morales for NYC
Teachers Unite
North Bronx Racial Justice
District 28 Equity Now
Bay Ridge for Social Justice
Patrick for Brooklyn
The Poetry Project
Radical Women
Freedom Socialist Party – NYC
Crown Heights Tenant Union
Jazz Passengers Music Projects (Subway Moon)
NYC Fight for Our Lives Coalition
Movement of Rank and File Educators
Brooklyn Institute for Social Research
Wendy’s Subway
Sonic Arts at Brooklyn College
Music Workers Alliance
Fight Back Bay Ridge
NYC for Abortion Rights
Metropolitan Council on Housing
Amazonians United New York City
Ugly Duckling Presse
LES Mutual Aid Network
Young People of Color Incorporated
Teens Take Charge NYC
District 15 Parents for Middle School Equity
NYC Opt Out
Queer Palestinian Empowerment Network QPEN

[Where indicated, pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall]

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