Update : VIMEO BANNED Tommy Robinson video from 2012 SION conference

BANNED! Sharia in America. Words from 2012 too HOT for You Tube and Vimeo; accused of inciting violence and hate… so…they are BANNED. [length of offending video 13:34]

YOU TUBE (in 2018) the video posted but was RESTRICTED “In response to user reports, we have disabled some features, such as comments, sharing, and suggested videos, because this video contains content that may be inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.” This was YEARS after it was originally posted.

And now: VIMEO. Last week they KILLED my account, without notice. Months after I posted it (in Sept) Eventually I got the account re-opened but the video was deleted.

Tommy and Pamela have been demonized to such a degree, by the Muslim lobby, that a video from 2012 – the only one of 11 from that conference –  has been hunted down and banned. The transcript below is to aid in the examination of what was said in this particular video. Seven years since the Stop Islamization of Nations Conference. Is it too dangerous to be seen and heard?

+++ First a link to the Conference playlist

On September 11, 2012 SION (Stop the Islamization of Nations), held an historic conference at the UN on the war on free speech (at the same time that our embassies were being attacked in Egypt and Libya). The war on our very basic freedoms is being waged on all fronts, in all countries and on the voices of freedom. The SION freedom congress was an incredible event: world leaders converged at UN Plaza to brainstorm and strategize in the offense against the blasphemy laws under the sharia.

PLAY LIST [https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGl_dsbiiuq8q8WcrFGju5g9nIdoN7D-h]


Now, my wordpress posting of video – not hosted by You tube and definitely NOT by Vimeo.


Intro by Pamela Geller September 11, 2012: “Back in May- June 0f 2009, I’m always keeping my finger on the pulse of … jihad, I was taken aback by these protests in the UK against British returning soldiers …. who were being taunted …  the name calling , baby killer, really atrocious … fresh from the fields of Iraq and Afghanistan. And there was a group…that sprang from those egregious events; which is what we find …  from those events: good things com.(…) I was there, watching and chronically this group from the moment that it was born.[formed on 27 June 2009] So I know, I know who they are and I know what they are.

It was also interesting to watch this campaign, because, of course, in the UK it’s far more vicious … I mean, we can pat ourselves on the back that it’s not that bad here, but we are going there. We’re ten years away from there. It’s the same thing. It was wild to watch this vicious campaign of defamation, racism and bigotry. It was fierce.

Even here in the States, I am smeared with, “oh, you’re an EDL supporter.” As though it’s a bad thing. So, I am enormously honored and pleased that their leadership can be here with us today to describe what’s going on in their country and how they are taking the fight to the streets, and taking the fight back to the enemy. It is my great honor to introduce to you, Tommy Robinson, one of the leaders of the English Defence League. (applause) 1:59

Tommy Robinson: (excerpted) … on this sacred day, I want to thank Pamela for inviting us to share a platform in a room with such brave people (… ) I think 11 years ago everyone can remember where they were … I was a young lad … I remember everything about it … We felt your pain. We still feel your pain.

(Local parade. Soldiers mothers spat on) Police knew they were going to do this. The Islamists. They were protected. And when there was a reaction to what they had done, members of our community were arrested.  (The Islamists) were protected. This was build up. It had been going on in my home town for 15 years. (We) watched the whole town decay.

Islamism spread like a wild fire. Something had to change. We have to defend against it. We have to highlight it. I knew the consequences of standing up and speaking out against it.I knew the violent attacks would come. I knew the attacks against my property would come…. shotguns… cars blown up.

We started exposing extremist Islam.  We started opposing them. From the very start there were threats of violence. National demonstrations calling us racist. Then came an official warning by the British government, British police. (There was) a warning, a threat against your life, due to your out spoken opposition to Islam …There are members of the local (?) community – Islamic community – who wish to make an attempt on our life. We know the gangs are armed (this is from the police). We cannot protect you 24 hours a day. Our advice to you, is to take your family and leave London. (where I’ve been born and bred) Then they said,” We need to see your wife.” They come to my house. Sat my wife down, who is pregnant, and they read her the same warning.

I said … How long have you been a police officer (20 years) Have you ever sat a pregnant Muslim woman down and told her a Christian is going to murder her? (he said no) And your advice to us, is to leave?

I started taking precautions. Then it came to me, if I can’t walk down the streets of my home-town, I’m dead anyway. So, I stopped hiding. If that moment comes, it’ll be with my head held high. We’re not running anymore.

Islam rules with fear and intimidation. If you show them any weakness … look around this room, I don’t see any scared faces. We’re ready and willing to stand up. (applause)

We’re accused of doing this out of hate. NOTHING we do is out of hate. What we do is out of love. Love for OUR children’s future. Love for our creed. Love for democracy. In America, love for your Constitution. Love for the First Amendment. Love for the Stars and Stripes.

What we do is not heroic. What we do is our duty (…) The American military, the British military are suffering and dying …. (fighting) against sharia every day. They are the true heroes. (applause)

(Islamophobe …) I’m from London town, a town of immigrants. Multiculturalism, in my view, in my home town … multiculturalism works. It’s ISLAM that doesn’t work. In London: the Sikhs, the Jews (most have been driven out), the Hindus, the West Indians … look around this room today. (a multicultural audience) What doesn’t work is ISLAM. Pinpointing the exact problem: it’s Islam (…) They do not assimilate.

I believe your country (U.S.) is 20 years behind us (U.K.). I’d give anything to turn our clock back 20 or 30 years. What’s happening in England, in London. What’s happening in East London. Their blueprint is inevitable, their demographics. It’s coming to a town near you. In England people move … they’re all trying to get away. They can’t keep running. Look at America. Australia. Europe. It has to be stopped. We have to stand up and fight against it now.

It’s hypocritical, really. David Cameron. All our politicians. all across Europe are aiding and abetting the Islamization, the destruction of our people. They should be brought to justice. (applause)

Dearborn. East London. What happened. Communists. Marxists. Islamists. Trying to attack us. Bricks coming at us. Then they tell us WE can’t give our speeches. They took away our right to speech and assembly because of the threat of violence. They arrested US. Held us for 6-7 hours. Luckily, in this country. (I get a bit jealous) You’ve got educated…influential people fighting this fight. In England, we just have working class people. We don’t have any protestors talking for us. And it makes it easier to demonize us. Easier to slander us.

I’m not the moral compass for the world. I’m no angel but what we’re doing, we’re doing for the right reasons; we’re standing up for what’s right. When I see influential people standing up in this country, I get jealous. I wish so badly someone would do that in our country. So I’m glad we do what we do. (applause)

I think if everyone knew the truth about Islam, the ideology and what lays ahead. there’d be a revolution tomorrow. It’s all of our jobs to put the truth out there. What the ideology is. What sharia is. There will be no white flag raised.  Not in Europe. Not in America.

God Bless.


SO.  Is this one particular video inciting to violence? Is this a trigger to violence? Is SILENCE the only solution? If so, you will be rewarded. But, EXPOSE the enemy and the social media giants have spoken: YOU will be punished!

7-10 years have passed and the world is definitely worse.

[Video and pictures Property of Pamela Hall]


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