NY-ICE, May Day aka Commie Day- 2013

Links will be found within this post of 5 slide shows so you may look through all of the pictures at your leisure.

May 1, 2013. It’s THEIR DAY…not YOUR Day… THEIR DAY.

Union humor?  Guess  NO ONE works except the ILLEGALS.

Marxists…Socialists… Fists held high.

Reds… Comrades… and the SEIU

Part 1 SLIDE SHOW Unions and Illegals

Supporting “The Workers” aka The Illegals. If they are deported…no one will be working!

Illegals… yearning to get … whatever  … But, it’s got to be FREE!

FREE. It’s their “RIGHT”.

SLIDE SHOW PART 2: OWS. Marxists and Socialists

OWS. Anonymous.

Totalitarian Dictatorships: Good.

American Free-Market: BAD. FORCE the American Taxpayer to give the invaders whatever they ask for. Make it”FREE”… then… America is at least useful (if not ‘good’)

Hating-on America. Even Obama!

Down with Israel, the only Democracy in the Middle East. Support the MURDEROUS Fakestinians … like Leila Khaled

A Kuffeya of Many Colours

The Labor/Illegal-supporting Rabbi (who also supports the Fakestinians)

His fellow delusional “Jews for “Justice”

Collegiate Leftards (Young and Old)….

Hating Israel

SLIDE SHOW Part 3- Fakestinians (tracking Kuffeyas) and the Rabbi

“Peace-Loving Grannies” (some sweeter than others)

Angry Black-power types…

OWS LOVES that Black-Power Fist


They hate America. They LOVE Castro-Che-Kim Jong-un. Stalin. Mao. Never met a dictator/anarchist they didn’t LOVE. Perhaps these girls should think this stuff thru…

Guess they can get some things right, but THEN WHAT? Do they still embrace a Marxist Dictator?

Safe from tyranny, they piss on freedom. Destroying America one day-at-a-time. Abolish Work. Yeah. “That’s the Ticket”

Pathetic Filth.


Global Ignorance

Irradiated Labor?

Her cigarette. Priceless.

Our Students & Teachers. 24/7 with this garbage.

Child Abuse?

She has a POINT.

SLIDESHOW Part 4.  Grannies and Other Leftards…


NY -ICE  has shown, again and again, Americans have gotten wise to union theft and criminal thuggery. Attendance at this yearly ‘love-fest” is down.  ILLEGALS MUST BE KEPT ON AMERICAN SOIL . FORCED Union “membership” is dwindling!

There were MANY passersby, young and old, no longer following ‘the party-line’

No longer blindly supporting illegals . Enforce  our immigration laws. Protect our borders. Protect American Sovereignty!

There is HOPE.


A bit of  video follows. The Anarchists at Play.

( Please watch in HD)

Perhaps they should wipe those goofy smiles off their faces. The TRUTH rings out over the din of their anarchy:

G. Perry was there, too. For even more on the day you can check out American Rattlesnake

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