Pamela Geller’s Banned Synagogue Speech & Protest Habeeb Ahmed – Great Neck, Long Island (videos)

On April 14, 2013, a week ago today, Pamela Geller’s Right-to-Free Speech was alive and well at Chabad House and led by  Rabbi Yoseph Geisinsky in Great Neck, Long Island.


This was one day before the SAVAGE, murderous attack by two Jihadis against American citizens. An attack that was meant to maim and to kill PEOPLE, not soldiers, not combatants … just… PEOPLE.

APTOPIX Boston Marathon-Explosions

The Jihadis were, they are, SAVAGES

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After an intense week that followed these SAVAGE attacks, and not knowing if the Jihadis would be captured, the Great Neck speeches have become even more prescient.  Listening to Pamela Geller at Chabad House warn of the threat of Sharia Law to our Free Speech and then to Robert Spencer and their other guests tell of the world-wide threat and horrors of living under Sharia while outside Habeeb Ahmed’s “Human Rights” Office , has made the week’s enormous tragedy even more ominous and chilling.

Habeebgate, the alleged attempt by the Islamic supremacist Habeeb Ahmed of the Nassau County Human Rights Commission to use the power of his position deploy his mujahideen in a covert effort to intimidate the Great Neck synagogue into cancelling my scheduled speech there.


Habeeb and his accomplices ordered their minions to strongarm the shul, make calls, and get the synagogue leaders to cancel a proud Jew scheduled to speak at their synagogue. (more here)

As a result of this egregious violation of the public trust, we urge the Nassau County Executive to remove this thug from office.

We welcome this investigation and hope the imposition of sharia blasphemy laws using public office will be punished to the full extent of the law. American law for American courts. Stop sharia in America.

ONE DAY before so many were killed and maimed by these vile Jihadis, Geller and Spencer were warning freedom-lovers of what lies ahead after being accused of hate-speech by some who fear the truth. TRUTH should never be called HATE SPEECH.

Jihad is at war with freedom-loving Americans, with the INFIDELS. And the ‘enemedia’ continues to ignore the glaringly obvious facts of who did the Boston Marathon Bombing. And WHY.  While the MSM continues the false narrative that Islam is not at war with the West and spins on-and-on with foolish guessing.

From Ms Geller, ”

The media scrubbing of the motive in the Jihadi attack in Boston is breathtaking. Mothers, babies, families blown to bits — 200 victims. When did the “enemedia” lose their souls? When did precious human life become an inconvenient consequence to their narrative?

A quote from face book regarding the WHO, WHAT and WHY.

“This is typical Middle Eastern cognitive dysfunction. It is a culture of dishonesty. And yes, I consider Georgia, Chechnya, Uzbekistan and Turkey to be part of the Middle East.”

As expected, there were Jihadi families and ACLU-types trolling for proof-of-innocence for the surviving Jihadi. Disgusting. Disturbing. Predictable.

Two Savages. ARMED with bombs. Prepared to kill Americans. They were NOT finished. And  we know WHY


Evil advised them. Taught them. Skilled. Determined to “Kill The Infidel”.


Will the FBI uncover the sleeper cell with whom these brothers were associated?

“We have no doubt the brothers were not acting alone:” FBI hunting 12-member jihad terror sleeper cell linked to Boston jihad murderers”


More than 1,000 FBI operatives are working on this. They need 10,000 of these politically correct, defanged Keystone Kops, and even then they probably won’t find this cell. They are forbidden to examine the motives and goals of the type of people they’re looking for — to do so would be “Islamophobic,” according to the Obama Administration. So they’re fumbling along in the dark, pretending that there is no such thing as an Islamic terrorist while hunting for Islamic terrorists.


Are we victims of this terror? Have we become immobilized as a country? As a people? (CAIR would like this very much) Or…will we REFUSE to be terrorized. Some final thoughts from Daniel Greenfield:

“2 out of 3 governments agree that dealing with terrorism is all about having the right attitude. That, “Yes, we’ve been bombed, but we’re ready to pick ourselves up and get on with our lives without drawing any conclusions from what happened” attitude that politicians patriotically advocate as soon as the carnage is over.

“Americans refuse to be terrorized. Ultimately, that’s what we’ll remember from this week,” Obama said in his radio address.

But of course Americans were terrorized. Obama’s message is that in response to the terrorism, Bostonians won’t spend the rest of their lives locked in their homes, at least not until the next time there’s a terrorist on the loose. But then again neither are Rwandans or Sudanese. This isn’t so much an inspirational message as a pat on the back from a government that once again failed in its duty to keep Americans from being terrorized.

If America had refused to be terrorized, the Tsarnaevs would not have been admitted to this country or would have been shown the door once they started adding terrorist videos to their playlist. Instead Tamerlan Tsarnaev was free to slap around his girlfriend while his brother Dzhokhar was adding classic hits to his YouTube playlist like “We Will Dedicate Our Lives to the Jihad.”

For up-to-date reportage on the pursuit of JUSTICE for all the innocent CIVILIANS murdered by these SAVAGE  Jihadis, please read  Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs and Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch.


Next, videos and pictures from Chabad House. Great Neck, Long Island. The Day Before the Savage Attack on Boston. April 14, 2013.

(videos can be watched in HD)

Video 1- Pamela Geller speaks to News 12 outside Chabad House

Video 2 – Pamela Geller & her Banned Synagogue Speech

Video 3- David Yerushalmi speaks before Pamela Geller’s Banned Synagogue Speech

Video 4- Jeffrey Wiesenfeld introduces Greg Buckley Sr, father of  21 years old Green on Blue Marine,Greg Buckley Jr. who was murdered by a Jihadi T-Boy .

Video 5- The father of a murdered marine, Greg Buckley Jr, speaks to Chabad House. Powerful speech


Slide show of pictures at Chabad House. Rabbi Geisinsky and Chabad House were wonderful and brave hosts in DEFENSE of Free Speech

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And videos and pictures from the  “Habeeb Ahmed Protest” that followed Chabad House.

Video 1- Robert Spencer

Video 2- Ashraf Ramallah (Voice of Copts)

Video 3- Helen Freedman(Americans For a Safe Israel)

Video 4- Pamela Geller


Slide Show of pictures

[gigya src=”″ width=”500″ flashvars=”offsite=true&lang=en-us&page_show_url=/photos/pamelahall/sets/72157633298511246/show/&page_show_back_url=/photos/pamelahall/sets/72157633298511246/&set_id=72157633298511246&jump_to=” allowFullScreen=”true” ]

April 22, 2013: It has been decided. The Obama Administration proceeds as expected. The surviving terrorist “suspect”, 19 years old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev,  will NOT be tried as an enemy combatant



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