NY-ICE-“Coming Out of the Shadows”-Union Sq

Thursday. March 28, 2013. NYC. Union Square. The D.R.E.A.M.  Act (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) “Coming Out Of The Shadows”

Out From Shadows cropped

Solidarity. Love. Hate. Fear. The Collective. Buzz-words of the “Progs”. Leftists. Marxists. Socialists. They are welcomed  by our colleges and schools to empower the ‘undocumented’ students…. “VICTIMS” of the 1%…. of Wall-Street.



Anger. Hatred. Resentment. They are taught that the American Dream is NOT available for THEM (the Tired and Poor). Paid for by the American taxpayer the Leftists preach on and on. Disparaging  EVIL corporate America. Abusing and using them. Told there is No Open Door to America ( for them). They must sneak in. Hide. Fear.

One of their all-purpose chants, “What we do? Stand Up. Fight Back.”

Against whom?  The American Businessman who “abuses” them by giving them a JOB? The American Taxpayer? Leading this fight against American ‘Evil’ is PSLweb.org (Party For Socialism and Liberation) and WORD (Women Organized to Resist and Defend)

The event today was led by The “New York Youth Initiative Council”.

Our schools are held hostage by the Left, those leading this Union Square gathering (Common Core is the latest abuse) and WE, the taxpayer are PAYING for their INDOCTRINATION.


The banner below proclaimed, “UNDOCUMENTED WOMYN POWER ”

But, NYC is a Sanctuary City and Mayor Bloomberg  thinks that’s a good-thing. Anyone who shows up in NYC can get FREE lodging, free food, free schooling. The doors are WIDE open, NOT CLOSED.

New York City was the poster child for sanctuary cities when executive order 124 was issued in 1989 by Mayor Edward Koch.


A small gathering was ‘coming out’ in Union Square. Quiet. No bands. One megaphone. A ‘so-called” public admission of being “undocumented”. “Coming out of the Shadows”. The media loves to cover these ‘victims’. Victims of U.S. Immigration Laws. Preaching to their own about their Feelings … Pain… Hopes… FEARS and… DREAMS.

OPEN Borders: Good.

LEGAL documents & Secure Borders : BAD.

Apparently the police have blessed this gathering by their absence. A police presence might  “frighten” the speakers. Make them FEARFUL of “coming out of those shadows”. (How thoughtful)

NO police in Union Sq. this Thursday from 2:30- 5 PM.  And her message of thanks to the NYPD is inside the megaphone, “Stop the F@#king Raids” and “Chinga la Migra” (F@#k The Police) and, of course “UNDOCUMENTED”

Before I headed over to the NY-ICE counter-protest, I caught a few of the D.R.E.A.M. speakers.  What follows are some “highlights” from Video One (please scroll down for the video) which was only young women, full of anti-American, anti-Free-Market jargon, demanding amnesty for all, but looking safe and non-threatening.

A High School Student  from Ecuador , “My brother was deported because he was driving with out a DL in Florida. We needed him to drive us for food and to school…”

“Summer” from the NYU “Dream TEAM”. “We wanted to create a Safe-Space for ‘undocumented youths.” (THEY can afford NYU?!)

Dominique from Ecuador. This young woman oozed “Marxist/activist” . She ran off a LONG list of their college connections. “A safe-space for students to COME OUT …. to share stories  about being ‘undocumented’. Hiding your identity is hurtful for young and old. They have the RIGHT to share and advocate for right”

Another young woman spoke of how she had to…

“DEMAND her ‘RIGHT’ to go to college.( Even though she couldn’t afford the tuition …. and…was … illegally in the U.S….) She was told that in NY State she can attend college and she FOUND someone who was willing to pay her tuition. She was in to every one is BEAUTIFUL. Hate/Love/SOLIDARITY/ COLLECTIVE. HUMAN RIGHTS BEAUTIFUL Coming OUT OF SHADOWS OUR Common Humanity. Our stories Our struggles. Undocumented no longer silence. We are building this country. Cleaning streets and homes. we are sharing intimate space with every single person in this country so it’s important that we all rise and ‘come out from the shadows’ and share our human experiences”

From a very militant young woman who represented WORD (Women Organized to Resist and Defend),

“They’ve done nothing wrong. Immigration is NOT a Crime.  Who are the real criminals? The people on Wall-Street. They exploit our people. The Bankers. Worried about their profits.Sweat-shops all over Latin America. Those are the REAL criminals. The POLICE. Who brutalize our kids. Our students.”

She asked AGAIN,

“Who are the real criminals in our society. Is it the people who are WORKING to provide for their families? OR is it the Banks and  Corporations who are EXPLOITING them. “

With her Solidarity MARXIST fist held high,

” We take FULL rights for our immigrants. FULL RIGHTS for our people. We stand in SOLIDARITY with the DREAMERS .” (arrgggh)

VIDEO ONE (the young women)

I did hear one male, Yari “Johnny” Osario . He is from Cali, Columbia. Osorio received a BA degree from John Jay CUNY in Forensic Psychology and later became a New York State certified Emergency Medical Technician.” … STEALTHFULLY working his way through our system…

“Johnny” was a candidate for Vice President from the Party for Socialism and Liberation. (PSLweb.org ) After a Google of his name, I found that his organization was the INSTIGATOR behind the attack on NY-ICE and Jim Gilchrist at Columbia University in October of 2006


Osorio claims credit for “…help(ing) organize for students’ rights across CUNY campuses. ” He helped lead the PSL’s campaign to stop the New York Police Department’s racist “stop and frisk” policy, which ( he claims) targets Black and Latino working-class communities.” Nice Work, Johnny. Keeping America Safe.

Yari Osorio , also, said:

” We WILL oppose THEIR laws. (… you mean the United States?) Counter THEIR Laws. THEIR LIES. THEIR ideas of “right and wrong” with OUR ‘truths’ (followed by his obscene list of accusations) Johnny envisions a “whole NEW way of living in this country, this city and this planet”.

It’s ALL about CHANGE. Changing this so-called ‘Free-Market” system (aka Capitalism) He claims it is NOT working for the MAJORITY of the people on this PLANET! Yari and his organization proposes to replace OUR system. The Socialist Economic system is the NEW way, the NEW system. And then, he PRAISED the brilliance of Hugo Chavez.

“…the American Dream isn’t there for us, the “undocumented”. Capitalism isn’t working for US. It hasn’t worked in South America” And proudly proclaims that around the world many people ARE rejecting ‘this system’.”

VIDEO TWO (Yari Osario)

On to NY-ICE. Their members were peacefully holding a counter-protest, demanding our borders be SECURED and our LAWS enforced.

NY-ICE engaged passersby with an intelligent discussion of their positions regarding our American borders and immigration laws.

Basically, that’s what took place… EXCEPT… for the Marxist INSTIGATOR hoping to knee-jerk an angry response from someone in NY ICE. Hoping they would strike out at him so he could scream “assault”.

This instigating-violence-while-claiming-innocence-JERK was screaming, “These racist pigs have got to go”, and “Fascist” ad nauseum but he didn’t accomplish much since no one in NY-ICE was ‘insulted’ by him.

Other than his continuous cursing, at  (3:43) he said, “They should be AFRAID of us,” he opted for a Big Black Pen and set out to deface the NY ICE signs. Take Note:  at( 4:33) the audio will noisier; everyone was talking at the same time, plus a few illegal Leftist whistles were squealing in the background. But you can still hear the agitator make a some obnoxious statements anyway.

No police (ever) showed up. The DREAM leaders did try to contain him at one point to no avail. Then, at approx (6:08) Mr. Instigator just ‘turns it all off’ and walks away… smiling… Perhaps he was just strutting and cursing for the cameras.

VIDEO THREE – The Instigator

NY-Ice President, Joanna Marzullo, makes a very important clarification to the media after the instigator walked away. ( I paraphrase)

WE, the American citizens who believe that our borders should be secure and our immigration laws obeyed, are the people who are intimidated and forced INTO THE SHADOWS.

Others who spoke with NY-ICE were occasionally argumentative, but the exchanges were void of the incendiary behavior of “Mr Instigator”. He was the only LOUD-MOUTH in the crowd (today). It was a successful counter-rally for NY-ICE. People actually willing to talk, even though they were not going to change their minds.

VIDEO FOUR- NY ICE and the passersby

Two thoughts as I wrap-up. Not great to observe the police absence at this “Coming Out of the Shadows” Rally.  Way TOO ‘thoughtful’.

And our schools. The Marxist/Socialist propaganda filling the hearts and minds of our students comes pouring way too confidently out of the mouths of these ILLEGALS. PAID for by the American taxpayer. Not good.

What do they really have to complain about, when  everything is FREE!

A statement from Joanna Marzullo, ”

On 3.28.13 in NYC, NY ICE (New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement) counter protested those that are seeking the D.R.E.A.M. Amnesty for illegal alien college students.

The D.R.E.A.M. Amnesty is NOT even about giving illegal alien college students access to college (which they already have), but is about giving them access to financial aid. They NOT only want to be able to go to college while illegal, but want Americans to PAY FOR IT.


There have already been amnesties. The notable Amnesty of 1986 was supposed to be the last one. The American people were promised secured borders as a result of that 1986 Amnesty deal, which, of course, never happened.

NY ICE is the ONLY grassroots, activist organization in NYC devoted to having our existing immigration laws enforced and our borders effectively secured.

NY’s Sellout Senator Schumer was a part of that 1986 Amnesty deal, and he is a part of the Senate’s Gang of Eight TODAY, acting like we still have to barter for our borders, when he hasn’t even fulfilled the promises of the 1986 Amnesty “deal” that he made!

To learn more, PLEASE visit: nyice.us

As we stood under the statue of George Washington, our First American President…

…looking at all those pretty MIGRATING Monarch Butterflies (the only butterfly that migrates North and South like birds) I considered the instigators threat, “You should be afraid of us”,  and the purpose of those sanctuary cities ( the protection it gives THEM)

The real reason for Sanctuary Cities. Politicians love the votes they get from the different ethnic groups that they protect through the sanctuary city process…

The saddest part…. Americans have become frightened to talk about illegal immigration ( at) risk of being politically incorrect , to be ( labeled) prejudiced…. sanctuary city or illegal alien do not trump the most meaningful words of all, free speech…guaranteed to all Americans by the Bill of Rights.”

Speak UP, Speak OUT, America.  Come Out of the Shadows!

WE, the American citizens who believe that our borders should be secure and our immigration laws obeyed, are the people who are intimidated and forced INTO THE SHADOWS.

Do you KNOW what your children are learning at school? You send them to college, respectful of their country and its laws, but after four years of Leftist propaganda and hard-core indoctrination, will you recognize the child that left home?

Ask questions. Demand answers. Stop the abuse of our schools and textbooks. The Stealth Invasion of the American Dream. We should be very concerned… and… afraid.


Slideshow includes a few more pictures :

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