A Rally for Real Democracy vs a Protest in support of NoKo Tyrant

A rainy day in Manhattan. Times Sq. December 9, 2012. Outside the Marquis-Marriott. Found what I came for, stalwart defenders of Democracy,  real Democracy, not the Marxist-Sharia charades.

And, of course, tourists. Lots of tourists at 46th and Broadway. A location the Leftists love. They hang here often, spewing  their anti-Israel and anti- American messages. Great to see a different, more positive message reach out to the tourists for a change.

Vendors, halal carts, buskers dressed as cartoon characters filled the sidewalks as these young defenders of Democracy stood quietly in front of the Evita sign. Too quietly…. Standing quietly in NY, just doesn’t get you noticed.


If only they had a bit of the Leftist moxie. The passers-by needed to be engaged,  sharing specifics the banner didn’t offer. A web-site, maybe. Or just thoughts on how someone could join their movement. Talking….one on one….about democracy to those walking by and what it means to them….

Unfortunately, there was no way of knowing whether they were college Leftists, Union shills or MSA-CAIR front-groups pretending to support Western values.

The Leftists seem to have no problem when it comes to preaching their dogma. On November 21, a few NYC-Commies, led by 20-something Caleb Maupin, were protesting the remake of “Red Dawn”. They confidently preached their garbage to the passersby.You knew why they were there (in support of the murderous NoKo Regime)

And very definitely knew who they represented (Workers World Party.)

I don’t admire them. Just observing….The Left is very adept at enticing the gullible public with buzz-words that mask their real goals.

Hope the rally I saw today in support of REAL Democracy, will be able to find its voice. Not by trickery, just by the force of confidence. Their message on-line is a good beginning….

From their Face Book Page.

People of all religions, ethnicities & countries are called upon to join forces to Support Freedom & Democracy – Confront Evil

 We thank America for Supporting Freedom, Democracy and Self- Determination of many countries around the world. America will confront new challenges & evils in every generation – May it continue to be Land of the Free & Home of the Brave!

We recognize Tibets right to Freedom, Democracy and self determination. America should help Tibetans in their efforts.
South Sudan:
We recognize South Sudans right to Freedom, Democracy & Self Determination and congratulate them on Independence.
We recognize Israels quest for peace and right to defend themselves against Islamic extremism.
America & Canada:
We recognize and appreciate American & Canadian efforts to Promote Freedom & Democracy around the world.
Armenian People:
We recognize the Armenian Genocide and call on Governments and World parliaments to recognize past atrocities and support Armania’s quest for Freedom & Democracy.
Kurdish People:We support Kurdish peoples god given rights of Freedom, Democracy & Self- Determination

I hope they didn’t leave discouraged. God-Speed to them as they learn how to fight for what is right!

Rally to Support Freedom & Democracy

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