From Urban Infidel: Barack Hussein Obama ‘Birther’ Certificate Ceramic Tray for Sale -NYC

Amazing post from the fabulous Urban Infidel! -Thursday, September 27, 2012

Barack Hussein Obama ‘Birther’ Certificate Ceramic Tray for Sale in New York City

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I was heading toward the subway on Broadway and 19th Street when I spotted this interesting window display at Fish’s Eddy, a glass and dinnerware shop.
There in the window was a huge blow-up of the much-disputed ‘certificate of live birth’ released by the White House in attempt to sway opinion right before the release of Jerome Corsi’s New York Times bestselling book, Where’s the Birth Certificate?.
Just in time for the holidays!
The perfect stocking stuffer for a crumbling Republic.  A ceramic tray commemorating the phony birth certificate that Obama and his team of amateurs hastily cobbled together and trotted out to sate the growing disbelief of the American public.
 A real conversation starter, or ender!  Depending of course on who is sitting at your holiday dinner table.
They are sold out and now taking orders for the next run.
I love the window display.  So cynical and yet so wonderful.

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