“What I Miss About America”(Reflections from the Golden Age of Hope & Change)-Book


As of October 7, a just-released ebook, What I Miss About America, ranked #1 in books on political leadership on Amazon. Apparently, there are many who miss the lost world of American greatness.

What I Miss About America takes you on a tragicomic tour of what’s gone missing in America, during our Golden Age of Hope and Change. With a barrage of one-liners, it summons up the lost world of American greatness, and inventories the treasures that have been snatched from under our noses.”

Here’s a review from American Thinker.

What I Miss About America (a book review)

Humor is often used to mask pain, to give hope, and to “momentarily extract ourselves from the misfortunes of existence.”  In order to understand the joke, irony or satire, it is necessary to put the situation in context… Stella (Pauls’) pithy sayings capture the angst of Americans who are angry and terrified at what President Barack Hussein Obama has wrought during his first term.

“…ever since we entered the [Obama] Golden Age of Hope and Change in 2009, it feels as if the bounce and sparkle have left town.  What’s moved in is fear and all its clammy cousins, like anxiety, panic, and dread.  We’re afraid of the future [and we’re] in debt and going broke and everybody’s riled up and nervous.”

Her hard-hitting aphorisms highlight Obama’s continuing assault on American values.  Repeatedly, he has squelched the core values, the idealism and self-reliance of Americans. And like so many other Americans who have “had a lifelong love affair with America [Stella is] not quitting now.”  The stakes are simply too high.

Each of her pointed observations begins with What I Miss About America and include simple nuggets of truth… to remind the reader of how Obama has transformed America.

The words “Executive Order” not bringing on a panic attack
The American Dream wasn’t Food Stamps and Disability.
A government that doesn’t push junk science, junk bonds, and TSA agents who touch your junk
A president whose background isn’t more closely guarded than the formula for Coke
A dollar that’s worth 100 cents and isn’t signed by a tax cheat
Search and destroy missions going after enemy guerillas, not successful business executives
Kids operating lemonade stands without the SWAT team getting involved
Small business owners taking a vacation every year, and the First Lady taking fewer than 32
Energy from Shell Oil, not from taxpayer-funded shell companies like Solyndra.
A president who would never, ever bow to the Saudi king, the Chinese premier, the Japanese prime minister or the mayor of Tampa
Defense officials saying “jihad” out loud, without looking scared as a 3-year-old in a haunted house
A president outraged by defamation of America, not of Islam
When it was illegal for Congress to pass any bill over 2,699 pages or weighing more than Barney Frank
Free Speech for everyone, even Jews, Christians, and straight white males
When we begged for mercy from God, not from Chicago politicians
Writing this line without the government reading it

… With only a few short weeks away to the election that will truly change the course of history, Stella Paul reminds us that if Barack Obama remains in office, “there’s nowhere else to go” and the American dream that has sustained so many for so long will come to an end.

More info on What I Miss About America at www.WeMissAmerica.com++

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