John Stossel at Philadelphia Freedom Center Speakers Series ( VIDEO)

“No They Can’t” is  a new book by John Stossel, an expose with just the right balance of humor and serious concern and a title that was inspired by ” Yes, We Can”, the election  motto of 2008.

On May 2, 2012, The David Horowitz Philadelphia Freedom Center and the Union League of Philadelphia co-sponsored the Luncheon Speaker’s Series.

In the approximately 25 minute presentation, that include some power point slides, Stossel discussed his journey from liberal reporter to Libertarian and why he made the decision to leave ABC for Fox News.

With examples of private contractors vs. government, Stossel pointed out that   bastions of the hard-core left, like San Francisco, have jumped ship on government-run agencies like the TSA. Back to the future, where private security is POLITE and  gets the job done faster and more efficiently than GOVERNMENT (go figure)

However, now that other cities and states would like to follow in their footsteps, the GOVERNMENT has said “NO THEY CAN’T”. It’s in the GOVERNMENT’S best interest to say NO. (you just can’t make this stuff up)

People have been conditioned to believe that Central Planning is best; that the government knows better how to run the economy.

Your own Health Care? You don’t Know enough.  Education, schools? You don’t know enough. Safety? It’s the GOVERNMENT that will keep you safe.

Example of not such great results. The stats have shown that after the creation of OSHA, it hadn’t made a noticeable difference. People really are smarter, richer, and healthier when on their own. They Self-Correct. They learn from their mistakes. Spontaneous Order…etc.

Before Welfare, people lifted themselves out of poverty at a faster rate. Government actually stopped that progress. Welfare dependent. Women don’t marry so they don’t lose their check.We grew fastest when government spent less on us.

Stossel has an organization, a non-profit, that he takes to the schools. It’s FREE to teachers. He asks the kids, ” Why is American prosperous?” They can’t answer. They’ve never heard of Free-Markets. They don’t know that business is voluntary, government is force. Free-Market isn’t perfect, but the answer is not more laws. There should be NO privileges. NO bail-outs .

Government crowds out civil society. Sucks the life out of people. Government fails where people succeed.

Government can’t even count votes correctly, so how can they run Health-care. (Give me a break!)

VIDEO of Stossel’s Speech:

SLIDES from Powerpoint

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PART TWO  (Q and A)

Responses from Stossel to a question regarding Islamism and foreign policy. “Religious fanatics who want to kill me, scare me.” But as for nation-building, “Everything government does it does badly. Why would nation building be any different?”

He’s glad young people aren’t voting. Most of them don’t know anything. Don’t care  for the “recruiting them to vote at rock concerts” method.

Left ABC, because after 8 years it was becoming even more difficult to get interest in the stories. He begged Fox to take him. They never interfere. They let him do whatever he wants to do.

He is obviously true to his Libertarian roots. When asked who he was supporting for President, he responded ” Gary Johnson or Ron Paul.”

Teacher’s Union has help to create the “Stupid In America” he covered.  State bureaucrats are like “boxing with tar”. No change is allowed. But, School Choice has broken the government monopoly. “At Risk” kids learn to love school. Want to go to school. It works.

He’s concerned when the Tea Party says they want change, but then say ‘don’t mess with my medicare’.

Will we see riots here as in Europe?

VIDEO of Q and with  Stossel

Stossel signing his book after

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