Stand With Us Counters lies of Hamas “survivors” (video and pictures) in Brooklyn

Thursday, June 17,2010 at The House of the Lord Church,in Brooklyn , there was a speaking tour for a Turkish Member of Parliament, a U.S. filmmaker and other “survivors” of what they falsely describe as an “attack” on an Turkish “aid” ship, Mavi Marmara .

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This was was attended by many anti-Israel and terrorist (Hamas) support groups (claiming victim status for Hamas).


The following video is combined footage from Andy of Blue Collar Corner and Vigilant Squirrel Brigade. There are excerpts of interviews that Andy got of an Hamas supporter and an Armenian who spoke of Turkish hypocrisy. (He also has more interviews with the Israeli supporters as well posted at Blue Collar Corner.)


Sponsors of the July 17 MEETING FOR “TRUTH” included: Al Awda NY – The Palestine Right to Return Coalition, Muslim American Society, International Action Center, National Lawyers Guild-NYC, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, American Muslims For Palestine, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, NYC Labor Against the War, Arab Muslim American Federation, Labor For Palestine,FIST-Fight Imperialism Stand Together, Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine, Action for a Progressive Pakistan, ANSWER Coalition, Anakbayan, Bayan USA, Pakistan USA Freedom Forum, Creative Nonviolent Resistance against Injustice, Gabriela USA, International League of Peoples Struggle–NY/LOC, Middle East Crisis Response, El Beireh Society, The Indypendent, Socialist Action, International Socialist Organization, Westchester Peoples Action Coalition, Bailout the People Movement, American-Iranian Friendship Committee.
There was a counter- protest in support of Israel was across Atlantic Ave where the TRUTH actually could be heard and read….


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Slide show of pictures of Stand With Us Supporters and the Flotilla /Hamas Supporters

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It’s time to end the madness and lies. Demand the Truth be told about Hamas:

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