B-25 Pacific Princess 68th Doolittle Reunion (video)

To honor those who serve and have served on this Memorial Day 2010:


B-25J ‘Pacific Princess’ and crew participates in the largest gathering of B-25’s since WWII for the 68th Doolittle Raiders Reunion held April 17th & 18th, 2010 at USAF Museum, Wright Field Dayton OH. 17 B-25’s formed up for a fly-over the Doolittle Memorial ceremony. 8 Doolittle Raiders of the original 80 remain, 4 were able to attend the 2010 event. Air to Air shots filmed from the tail-gunner seat of ‘Pacific Princess’ ship # 2 in the 17 ship formation by VictoryGirl.com



See 17 B-25Js Fly for the Doolittle Raider Reunion


Terri’s video of her flight with  B-25J ‘Pacific Princess’ of Chino, CA, and 16 other B-25Js in tribute to the last surviving Doolittle Raiders, on April 15-18, at the Air Force Museum, Wright Patterson Field, Dayton, Ohio.   The Doolittle Raiders were a group of B-25 pilots and crew who flew B-25Js from the USS Carrier ‘Hornet’ in April, 1942  to attack Tokyo, Japan, and deliver a tremendous morale booster to Americans during a dark time of WWII.   Today there are only 8 Doolittle Raider crewmembers left alive from that historic raid, and three braved bitter cold weather in Ohio to thank the crews of these B-25s for their rememberance of this historic flight.

Terri  Polley, of VictoryGirl.com participated as video crew member for the trip from Chino, to Ohio and back, and even earned her ‘Combat Camera’ patch from the Air Force photographers there!  If you have issues getting to the video, do a search on YouTube for ‘Victorygirl, B-25J Pacific Princess’.


May God Bless America and Keep her Safe and Strong in a cold and brutal world….

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  1. Bless ’em all
    Bless ’em all
    The long and the short and the tall.

    We’ll never forget you
    God bless.

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