Rally to Protect the Christians of Nigeria Against Islamic Jihad (video and pics)

On April 7, 2010, Americans of all faiths came together at the Nigerian Consulate in New York City to demand and end to the killing ; an end to the massacre of Christians by Muslims in Nigeria. “Why does the government of Nigeria sanction these murders?”


Why do those hidden inside the Mission not protect the Christians of Nigeria against Islamic Jihad!! Why do they ignore the killing?


Those inside the Consulate certainly knew we were there:


The messages on the banners were great. Surely they were seen by those hiding inside the Nigerian Consulate. But…what of the media? The NY Times…Network News… their absence was predictable and shameful!



For a solid hour many speakers from many faiths and countries that have also suffered under the same murderous Islamic jihad warned that America needs to wake up. The Jihadis who murder the Nigerian Christians are not isolated in that one tragic country…




There are video excerpts of the speakers …(videos maybe still be processing)

Part 1 of 4: First speaker is Michel Faulkner

Part 2 of 4 (speakers) Bill Donohue (Catholic League) ; Mallory Danaher (David Horowitz Foundation);Joy Brighton (Stop Sharia Now)and Stuart Kaufman

Part 3 of 4:Two Nigerian ministers tell of the genocide against the Christians in Nigeria.

Part 4 of 4: (the last 3 speakers) Includes, Voice of the Copts and Christian Solidarity International…

Finally, all held hands in prayer….


A slide show :

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2 responses to “Rally to Protect the Christians of Nigeria Against Islamic Jihad (video and pics)

  1. Where, yet again, are the media? These atrocities are not silent–why are the media silent? Why does Tiger Woods merit attention 24/7, and the major news outlets not spare two staffers and a photographer to cover the humanitarian crimes of islamists in Africa, Asia and even here in the Americas? Our brethren are the Christians, the Jews, the Hindus, the Copts, the Sikhs, the myriad faiths that are now the object of shrill attacks and brutal, infiltrative abominations such as this grievous massacre by muslims of their fellow Nigerian and Christian countrymen.

    The blood of these innocents will be avenged, and the media, and the ” ‘peaceful’ religion” of islam should be vigilant to outlaw and defend against further such evil.

    Good people everywhere must mourn and protest. The islamists must be beaten back to silence and invisibility, where they must observe their ‘faith’ in silence… and civility.

  2. Why was the media not there? The media weren’t there because as usual, the treasonous media were covering for Islam! Has ALL of the media been bought off by the Saudis? The media NEVER want Islam to look bad and NEVER want the sleeping public to know they are in terrible danger from Islam. It makes the Islamic conquest of our countries so much easier that way.

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