Fakestinian Hate Week Continues at NYU (3-04-10)

This event was promoted as “The Indigenous Struggle: a Call for the Boycott of Israel” on the evening of March 4, 2010. Deeply disturbing because the audience is comprised of college students taking notes as though this hateful propaganda were fact. And typically in a program that’s hosted by the Left, you could hear a PIN DROP. Everyone was admonished to be respectful.


Many of these anti-Semites and their organizers attended the Columbia University event where British Nazi, Ben White, tried to legitimize his hatred for all things Israeli and Jewish.

Ben White, British anti-semite

Now they were at NYU (not the Nazi. This is just a reminder of what he looks like) The evening was working way too hard to convince that America (the Great Satan) and Israel (The Little Satan) were somehow responsible for all the ghettos and genocides and dislocating of ‘indigenous’ peoples through out the WORLD. Sickening…The first Speaker was a “Native” American (she, of course, never mentioned the land-bridge in Alaska that brought them to America.)


It was a large umbrella of anti- Americanism and anti-Semitism but the Native American speaker was clearly prepared to go the distance.
These are some of her ‘high-points’:  She gave thanks to 0riginal ‘native; Americans. Her university is a Federal School. Created by US government so it could exterminate her people (wow) Going to Gaza was so they could build connections with the ‘Palis”. She shares her ‘solidarity’ with Gaza. Wants to teach them to film their tragic stories so the world will know of the EVIL that has been done to them by Israel. She stressed that her people don’t believe that anyone owns the land….

The Second Speaker had slides and enlarged on this indigenous theme .


Some her high points: The Struggles of”First Nations”. The Great Holocaust of all the languages and peoples. Two thousand indigenous nations have disappeared because of the WEST.


Turtle Island. Atomic Explosions. Power, Corporations. Turtle Island to South Africa to the “Palis”. And this was all leading to “Boycotting Israel”.



She continued with ” South African Apartheid was not as AWFUL as the imagined Israeli Apartheid. White Colonials in South Africa just wanted black labor. Zionists are different. Jews were an exclusionist State from the beginning. South Africa didn’t BOMB the townships. Zionists are IMPOSING poverty in Gaza. Zionists are denying Human Rights, Human Dignity just like the Nazis. Rationing. Zionists put steel barriers in the tunnels so the young men and boys who are slim enough to go in to them can’t get the food.”


Israel is NOT a democracy and she was at her MOST offensive as she came to her conclusion “Israel MURDERS and gets away with it!!”

The Third Speaker was a man with a most unfortunate stutter. It would be easier to be sympathetic if he hadn’t been preaching anti-Semitsm and boycotting Israel. Apparently he ‘s South African and he spent A LOT of time justifying the Israeli boycott.


On a happier note, it was wonderful to see the room in the back filled with lots of our students in support of Israel.



Continuing with the third speaker.
He stated that, unlike South Africa during its boycott, that Israel enjoys International support. That Israel is not isolated like South Africa was during its boycott. That Israeli apartheid is brutal and evil. They like to quote Dr. King to justify boycotting Israel. And those in attendance were encouraged to have meetings, go to their churches and to their unions etc to urge a government sanction against Israel.


Also, they were encourage to write to the UN. To get the UN to adopt a resolution for isolation of Israel. (all of these, of course, drew lots of applause from the audience.) More applause when he proclaimed that Israel is NOT a democracy. That a democratic Jewish State is an oxymoron! South Africa never barred people from the streets. Nor built highways just for the Jews. South Africa never built a WALL. Israel has ‘barbaric’ laws….

The Q and A followed. It was as expected. Questions from those who supported Israel, even when permitted to ask a question, simply don’t get real answers. Even a Neteuri Karta got up and ‘asked’ a question ( aka SPEECH)



We MUST counter these events by planning AHEAD! We must have sponsors and the slots booked so that these hate-fest events don’t go on unchallenged. Our students were there! Fabulous! Now what we need to do is give them a there own forum!


WHERE are the sponsors who should have placed a counter-presentation to this Hate-Week at Columbia and NYU? WHY is such programming not on the calendar at these schools. We all know they’re coming. Perhaps then we might hope to undo some of damage done by these anti- Semitic Hate Weeks.


An Update on Columbia: it seems we did have representation at Columbia Tuesday evening. She felt that the out-reach by these pro-Israeli students had been surprisingly successful at Columbia. They had taken their discussions to the sidewalk outside and they felt they were actually making a difference. They were talking to other students, giving them facts in contrast to the lies inside. Brava!

There was also a post discussion at NYU:


Let’s hope it too made a difference…



Slide show has a few more pictures. “They” were having palpitations (as usual) because I was taking pictures, so a few are blurred…

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