Ben White, British anti-Semite speaks at Columbia University (Hate Week 2010)

Ben White, British anti-Semite, claiming to be an authority on Israel and the Middle East, spoke at Columbia University on the evening of March 2, 2010. The stench of his lies and smug disdain for Israel was all that was heard (of course); nothing but his one sided hateful presentation of LIES  hosted by Columbia during their vile “Israeli Apartheid Week”. The students at Columbia heard only lies, lies and MORE lies from the mouth of Ben White ANTI-SEMITE.

Shame, SHAME on Columbia for permitting this racist and his hatred to go unchallenged on their campus.

To read  more on Ben White go to Atlas Shrugs and thanks to Atlas for posting links to other reports as well

Slideshow of a few more pictures:

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And Day Two of the Fakestinian Hate Fest (at NYU) is here

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