Anarchists march on Egyptian Consulate to the UN (Dec 31, 2009)

On December 31, 2009, anti- Israel/anti-American protesters demanded passage for international rights as they marched to the Egyptian Consulate (challenging Israel’s bombing  and  “siege” of Gaza)

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Wasn’t much to see since there was a VERY small group(they claim 60 ) that  turned out to sing little ditties and chant before they marched to the Israeli Consulate.

Read for more rewrites and horrid lies regarding the history of the Jewish Holy Land

Here’s some of their hootenanny lyrics:
Which side are you, which side are you on?
Justice or oppression, which side are you on?

To the tune of another civil rights classic, they sang:
Ain’t gonna let Mubarak, turn me round, turn me round, turn me round,
Ain’t gonna let Mubarak, turn me round,
Gonna keep on walkin’, keep boycottin’, til Palestine is free.


2 responses to “Anarchists march on Egyptian Consulate to the UN (Dec 31, 2009)

  1. Do these same people protest against Egypt’s persecution of the Coptic Christians? Or are they just fooled by Palestinian propaganda?

    • Not fooled. These leftists WRITE the hateful propaganda they spew. (and of course care not a whit for the suffering of the Copts)

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