At 0712 America Died…

[from a former USMC, a re-post of his thoughts written on Feb 3, 2009 ]

At 0712 (December 24, 2009) they got their 51 votes:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (L) (D-NV) smiles during remarks following the passage of a historic healthcare reform bill (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

This health care bill is the icing on the socialist cake, only they will only make you pay for it and you wont get to eat it.I wrote this opinion below in February of 2009. Add in to your thoughts when you read it, and remember that today, at 0712 E.S.T., our Nation became Socialist when they had their 51st vote for Health Care. May God Have Mercy on America

Points to ponder about our new President; somber reading.

As Marines, we did NOT swear an oath to the President in the first sentence, we swore it to the Constitution.Our founding fathers made clear distinctions between the 3 powers of government: Executive, Legislative, Judicial.

While the President leads, he has the Congress to enact laws and the Court to make sure the law is upheld. For ANY of those three to go AGAINST the Constitution, that is treason itself.

Bush’s enactment of the Patriot Act was to save our country, while Clinton’s spying on her domestic enemies by acquiring over 1800 FBI files on private American citizens was treasonous, illegal, and laughed away as a silly mistake, just like Democrats not paying taxes and becoming Treasury Secretary. TO be so bold and blatant against the laws of the country, and to have a political party defend these criminalities is treason in itself.

Our founding fathers gave us the SECOND AMENDMENT for just that reason, that if our government ever became so tyrannical, we the people would have the power to overthrow it if need be, by force, by arms, with guns.

The greatest problem here is the absolute hypocrisy of Democrats when it comes to politicians upholding the law. Example: Scooter Libby did NOT reveal Valerie Plame’s name to the media, Democrat Richard Armitage did and the special counsel knew that on the 3rd day of the trial from Robert Novak, yet the Special Counsel pushed and pushed until he found Libby make a mis-statement so he could hang someone in the Bush administration for something.

That is a complete political abuse of power. When we compare the crimes of the Clinton administration against Bush, Bush is a boy scout, yet Bush never prosecuted Clinton for sending missile technology to China in exchange for campaign donations, never prosecuted Clinton for allowing Iran to arm the KLA in Serbia against UN resolutions while the rest of the world was stunned, never prosecuted Clinton for allowing the war against Serbia in the first place since it was the Serbs fighting against MUSLIMS who were slaughtering Serbs that started the whole thing over there.

The list goes on.

It is the Democrats who had over a dozen personnel who were known Soviet Spies in the Roosevelt Administration, proven by the Venona papers,

The democrats who defended Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for decades after their execution only to have their other spy friend and conspirator, Morton Sobell, admit on his death bed 3 months ago that they actually did it;,0,864776.story ,
And not just nuclear secrets, too, but according to the article cited: “Not only did they try their best to give the Soviets top atomic secrets from the Manhattan Project, they succeeded in handing over top military data on sonar and on radar that was used by the Russians to shoot down American planes in the Korean and Vietnam wars.”
Books have been written about the democrats complicity with Soviet policies and plans by men such as John Stormer,
FDR’s reckless economics and corruption detailed by John Flynn ,
This dalliance with Communism is also Obama’s favorite topic apparently. The Democrat Platform is almost identical to the Communist Party Goals:

The Democrats want to take over your 401K...ITS YOUR MONEY:
Obama supporters flew the Soviet Flag in DC when protesting:
Obama plainly stated that he will allow a company to build a coal plant, but that he intends to cause them such absurd costs to keep it environmentally friendly that it will intentionally bankrupt the company trying to build it:
Audio of Obama declaring he wants to redistribute the wealth JUST LIKE COMMUNISTS do:
Internet Archives confirmed Obama was a member of the openly Socialist NEW PARTY of Illinois in 1996:
Obama’s economic team says they want to create jobs that intentionally exclude white males:
Obama lied to the Illinois Court system when he was asked if he ever went by any other name. His real name was Barry Soetoro in Indonesia:
While campaigning in New Hampshire, Obama cancelled the singing of the National Anthem to make room for more ‘speakers’:
Obama clearly said he wants a Civilian Security Force as well funded as the Military.
That is what every secret police force ever started like in all dictatorships, such as: NICARAGUA Ortega’s “Councils of Citizen Power”; CUBA Fidel’s “Committees For Defense of the Revolution”; PANAMA Noriega’s “Dignity Battalions”; VENEZUELA Chavez’s “Popular Defense Units”; HAITI Papa Doc’s National Security Volunteers, commonly called the Tonton Macoutes; CHINA Mao’s Red Guards; IRAN Ayatollah’s Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution; Soviet Komsomol or “Communist Union of Youth”:
Recent documents and proclamations of his own President-Elect status show his agenda is similar to Soviet/Nazi history in their control and organization of the youth and the population.

The following is a Communist Youth program information found here:
Of all other tasks, some of the outstanding ones are outlined. The widest degree of activity of the youth in the class struggles of the day is imperative, it goes without saying. Nevertheless, it would be a decidedly short-sighted and opportunistic approach if the communist youth movement allowed itself to be involved, under pressure or pretexts of all sorts, in all kinds of routine activity, and to be made into a wagging or running tail of other bodies, political, trade union, etc. in order to achieve a name for ”activities”. There are some, perhaps, who believe that this very routine work, doing some of the distasteful work for the adult comrades, is the task of the youth.

But it is in the communist youth organization that the youth (young worker or student) must make their major opportunity to learn thoroughly the fundamental principles and theory of the communist movement, its history, etc. in order really to be prepared for intelligent participation and leadership, at a later period, in the adult organization, the Party. It has to be said plainly that in the adult organization, the opportunities are often too limited for serious and necessary study by the ranks. Lack of time and the need to carry through numberless concrete tasks after working hours are the main reasons therefore. The adult members have to place a great reliance, perhaps too much, on experience and the theoretical back-ground can or should to a large degree be obtained by the youth in the years they are apart of the communist youth organization. This knowledge, coupled with their activities otherwise, will serve as a strong safeguard against opportunism and adventurism. In the above sense, the slogan of Clarity and Action sums up the attitude of the communist youth. While stressing education and class struggle activity, a youth movement, communist or otherwise, cannot live by these alone, especially so if the communist youth organization is to attract the wider strata of the youth to its own banner or around its bona-fide sympathetic auxiliary bodies. Social, sport, and cultural activities need to be systematically developed. The youth movement needs to build its dramatic and musical groups and like mediums which attract the youth. It can be done; who says otherwise needlessly narrows the possibilities for rallying youth elements to the communist cause through diverse methods. Particularly must the communist youth foster a broad workers’ sport movement of which it must be a guiding participant. The insidious and malevolent influence of the bourgeois sport movements, both professional and amateur is immense, and systematic efforts are required to counter-act this influence on the mass of American youth. A general social and cultural life, in addition to the basic tasks outlined before, will tend to attract young workers and students around us. If the new forces are approached sympathetically, made to realize our genuineness, they will either join the communist youth organization, or at least remain sympathetic, even if not ready to accept the entire outlook of communism. Numerous other tasks for the youth can be posed, but space forbids.”

Obama’s campaign clearly tried to silence dissent of any criticism of Obama while claiming his higher moral authority, going so far as to claiming Obama is THE MESSIAH:
When visiting troops overseas, Obama refused to meet with wounded troops in Germany and also Afghanistan, something NO responsible politician would ever do, even if he was just pandering for votes, they would have visited the wounded troops:,1518,567821,00.html
Obama openly praises a racist pastor whose church he attended for over 20 years:
Obama openly makes racist jokes that his white half will be confused as who to vote for:
Obama’s prayer leaders at his inauguration included someone associated with Islamic terror group HAMAS:
Percy Sutton (Malcolm X’s Lawyer) says Barack Obama knows and was financed by the racist, radical Muslim and Saudi advisor, Dr. Khalid Al-Mansour:
There were a number of known, public, and extremely violent terrorist organizations that openly endorsed Obama. Would they have endorsed a Republican Conservative?
Mohammed Al-Churbaji, Dad of Obama Fundraiser, worked for Azzam, Bin Laden.
Obama traveled to Africa and openly campaigned with his cousin, Raila Odinga who lost the election, and whose followers murdered hundreds when he lost and burned down over 100 churches and zero mosques:

We are dealing with someone (Obama) who wants to take over our present system of economics, our present system of civil rights, and even change our Constitution as he plainly said when he said it was a flawed document.
(Obama’s Christmas Tree Ornaments 2009 are certainly consistent with the man and his goals)

White House 008

In conclusion, we are dealing with a man whose associations include but are not limited to the following:
1.) Kenyan opposition candidates whose followers murdered hundreds when he lost and burned down over 100 churches and zero Mosques.
2.) Domestic terrorists who murdered up to 6 Americans in bombings, robberies, shootings and other murders to include Police Officers and the bombing of civilian houses own and occupied by a Lawyer and family who thankfully escaped death that night.
3.) Proven 20 years of association with a racist theologian and the associations that go along with that man and theologian; the standard blame white America first sentiment, regardless of how true it was 150 years ago, the changes made in our own lifetime are disregarded and only demand more.
4.) His own family’s statements of what his supposed moral foundation is and how his own statements declare that he will side with a religion that is historically known to kill their opponents first and refuse to negotiate until their opponents are subdued and begging for mercy.
5.) His campaign received millions of dollars that are untraceable to the original donors, and of the millions that are traceable that came from overseas, a FEDERAL CRIME, and how his campaign removed the Credit Card checking of names and account numbers to verify the credit cards were valid
6.) His association with known supporters of Islamic Terrorism, of groups known as Hamas and Hizbullah.
7.) Of his party’s refusal to demand he release his personal records for examination by the American people so as to know the candidate better, while they themselves have a history to demand documents from 40 years ago that pertained to President Bush. His party’s refusal to demand the Military records of John Kerry and the College records of Barak Obama are a part of his political party’s hypocrisy.
8.) The re-introduction of THE FAIRNESS DOCTRINE, a form of censorship written by the Democrats to silence the effects of Talk Radio. NOT ONCE has the Democrat Party ever referred to the massive ideological outnumbering of Liberals to Conservatives in the mainstream media, and only refer to ‘fairness’ when considering Talk Radio and the Internet. As anyone knows, who has been paying attention, this can only mean Conservative Talk Radio and open Internet communication. Knowing that Obama associate Bill Ayers freely referred to Saul Alinsky, and knowing that the writings of  Saul Alinsky openly promote Communism and radical overthrow, who dedicated his book RULES FOR RADICALS to SATAN only confirms what I call the criminality of this administration.

We all took a vow to protect and defend the Constitution of  The United States of America against ALL Enemies, Foreign and Domestic. Will Obama be a Patriot after all or an Enemy of the Constitution is a sad question that the informed can only be saddened to think what the answer (will be).
So, just what is treason then? Overthrowing our entire economic system to one that is proven to have failed worldwide is Treason? Or Americanism?
Submitting to and apologizing to Islamic terrorists who have repeatedly threatened to KILL US, ME AND YOU if we don’t become Muslim?
Is that Treason? or Americanism?

Taking ALL YOUR MONEY in the bank to be kept by the government to use as the government sees fit.
Is that Treason or Americanism?

This health care bill is the icing on the socialist cake, only they will only make you pay for it and you wont get to eat it. I wrote this opinion in February of 2009… when you read it, remember that today, at 0712 E.S.T., our Nation became Socialist when they had their 51st vote for Health Care.

May God Have Mercy on America

J. B.  Feb 3, 2009
USMC 1977-1981
If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves. WINSTON CHURCHILL

An Erotic Nightmare? “For the first time in history, over 300 million citizens in the United States got screwed at the same time.  And it only took 60 democrats to do it! ” (MD )

Out Future is at the ready…. AMERICA IS RISING UP to say NO MORE:DC here we come:

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