Washingtoons from Lt Col Allen West:”2010: America’s Decisive Year”


19 December 2009

Lieutenant Colonel Allen B West (US Army, Ret)

“2010: America’s Decisive Year”

Greetings fellow riders, South Floridians, and indeed America, time for another monthly installment of our Wheels on the Road (WOTR) political assessment.

By the time this edition goes to print we shall be in the New Year, 2010, one decade down into the 21st century. What amazes me are the challenges which face our Republic and its future.

We are embroiled in a new style of conflict whose nuances are confounding but yet the solutions are clear, if we only recognized the threats as they present themselves. There are two critical social phenomena, which if not checked, will result in the destruction of our Country; political correctness and multiculturalism. These two factors preclude us, as a Country, and indeed western civilization from saying what needs to be said.

This 21st century battlefield combines economic, informational, and military aspects which together has brought America to a critical point in its existence.

Our government fails to recognize that strengthening our economy is a part of our National power. We currently live under a government which fails to recognize that the indomitable entrepreneurial spirit of its citizens will unlock our economic growth. We have seen over the past 10 years an unprecedented growth of government, debt, and the deficit. We now find ourselves having our debt owned by a communist Country, China. I do not assess that the Chinese will do anything to collapse the US economy, but they will leverage this for their own foreign policy gains. But what is more disturbing is that our government continues on a path of astronomical spending by way of printing more money (hyperinflation to follow), raising taxes (meaning that Americans cannot invest nor innovate), and as stated, borrowing more money (selling our Country).

This is being done under the auspices of creating more unnecessary government social programs in order to increase a societal dependency….enslavement instead of empowerment. If we do not transfer our national wealth from Washington DC back to Americans, not Wall Street, we will continue on the road to perdition.

What we do not realize as well is that part of this 21st century battlefield is energy resourcing. Russia and China are embarking upon a global dominance of energy resources while we sit in America, “stuck on stupid” talking about green jobs…….and creating insidious legislation like Cap and Trade. If we would seek to develop our full spectrum of energy resources in America, producing, consuming, and even exporting these resources, consider the economic boom in job creation. Not just that, we then cut off the greatest revenue source of our adversaries, the despots and autocrats who run OPEC.

Couple with this we MUST leverage our information technology to defeat the ideology of radical islamic infiltration into our society. This past summer Libyan madman Mohammar Khadafy stated that “Islam will conquer the West without firing a shot”. We are so in the dark about this threat that it is appalling, and where political correctness and multiculturalism have really struck home. We are not telling our story and after visiting Israel and peering over into the Gaza strip there is no place where this is more true. We are allowing revisionists to rewrite history unfavorably and indeed untruthfully. We have media outlets which do not profess the truth but have become partisan cheerleaders, all to the detriment of their own existence.

A great example of media blindness is the incredible threat which illegal immigration presents to America, yet it is not a topic of serious investigative discussion. This one issue affects our national security, economy, healthcare, education, and culture. However, what we just saw last week was a liberal Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill) introduce legislation to grant citizenship to some 12-15 million illegals.

Will our economy survive? Will we remain secure? Why are news outlets not reporting and asking the hard questions about such a dangerous piece of legislation? Why are we allowing special interest groups like La Raza to dominate the messaging?

Lastly, we all know about the military actions in which we are engaged. Somewhere along the way we lost focus on what our military does better than anyone, strategic maneuverability. We have become mired down in nation-building and not in taking the fight to the enemy. We have tied the hands of our Men and Women in combat with restrictive rules of engagement which denies them the critical aspect of combat operations, initiative.

We have yet to clearly identify the enemy, trust me the answer is not Taliban and Al Qaeda, that is far too simplistic. We have a theocratic islamic regime that is pursuing nuclear technology, and soon the deadline of “negotiations” will cease. And do not tell me that open dialogue will solve the problems of Islamic totalitarianism and state sponsored terrorism.

I have only scratched the surface on the challenges that face our Country, hence why 2010 is a decisive year.

The upcoming mid-term elections may be the last chance we have as a Country to recognize the situation in which we find ourselves, and resolve it. But let us take a look at what will happen.

There are many on the GOP side who believe that 2010 will be a repeat of 1994. Honestly, I do not see that happening first because Americans are just as angry at the GOP as the Dems. From 1994 to 2006 the GOP violated their own Contract with America and became a lesser version of the liberals, big spending and corruption. They themselves have a long way to go in regaining the trust and confidence of the people. Secondly, there is no definitive GOP leader ala Newt Gingrich from 1994 who masterminded recruiting and promoting of an incredible freshman class.

The GOP has to win back 40 seats in order to remove the gavel from the hands of Nancy Pelosi, without a definitive leader and a common conservative message……well, that may not happen. There will be victories, but not a landslide.

What will the liberals do? What they do best, cheat and lie. Congressman Gutierrez’s amnesty legislation is just an attempt to alter the electoral base of America. Recall that the Obama administration moved the 2010 census from the Commerce Dept and into the White House under the supervision of Rahm Emmanuel…wonder why? Once amnesty is passed, then ACORN/SEIU/New Black Panther Party kicks in to register them as new voters. If the liberals are to be defeated it cannot be close, then the cheating comes out…can you say Al Franken?

Oh yea, the liberals will once again trounce out their favorite Saul Alinsky type target, George W Bush, claiming that GOP candidates will just bring back Bush years. The preferred method of liberals is vile ridicule and while that works on some, they need beware that some of us plan to fight back.  Their intimidation tactics are well known now and the antidote to their venom is being distributed. I took my shot already.

The bottom line is this, there is a revolution brewing in America. This TEA Party movement is for real, regardless of the ridicule of the left and the disenfranchisement from the GOP. Americans are tired of the “Intellectual Elite Politburo” which seeks to dominate and control our Republic while disregarding our rule of law, the US Constitution. It comes down to principle, not party, and the world is watching, our enemies are watching.

We allowed the liberals their chance and what they gave us was worse than before. My advice to them, especially my opponent Ron Klein, step aside or else you will end up with tire marks all over your back. My advice to the GOP, embrace conservative principles and values, evidence a contrast, and show some leadership.

Steadfast and Loyal,

LTC(R) A B West

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  1. Thomas Ebbers It is necessary to exercise our Second Amendment Rights. Every man, woman, and child of responsible age should trained and armed. This is not paranoia but rather reasonable preparedness to defend and protect our families, homes, neighbors, and the true Constitutional United States.
    It is for A TIME SUCH AS THIS that our Forefathers knew we would need the Second Amendment for the preservation of our Country in FREEDOM AND LIBERTY and to stand and DEFEAT TYRANNY from WITHOUT AND WITHIN.

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