Coptic Christians Rally in New York against the Egyptian government

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This statement is from the American Copts at who organized simultaneous rallies in several States to “express their resentment and rejection to what is taking place to their brethren in Egypt, including killings, destruction and looting of their property, displacement from their homes and the forced Islamization of their minor daughters.”

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One of the organizers spoke to me about how the Islamist bring hundreds of their young Muslim males to our colleges with the intention of having them romance and marry American women. Hello? America! We need to pay attention to these valiant people, the Copts. We can no longer remain ignorant of the horrors Islam and Egypt have inflicted upon the Coptic Christians; this is Europe today and America tomorrow (if we let it happen).

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Their statement continues with, “Copts expressed their rejection of the collusion of the Egyptian State Security and other security authorities in all crimes taking place against the Copts in Egypt.”

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Their plan was to start at the Egyptian Mission to the United Nations at 304 East 44th Street in NY and to then  march towards the United Nations, ending at 4.00 pm. The reverse happened for some reason. First the police placed the Copts at a location behind construction at the UN. Why?

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It was an odd location…not the usual location for these rallies. I arrived about 1:45 looking for a rally that was supposed to last from Noon to 4 PM . However, the rally was now marching to the Egyptian Mission  (leaving the obstructed location at the UN) and because the police shut them down early, at 2 PM, I never got video of their robust and heart-felt chants of “Free Christian Egypt. Free Christian Egypt.” .

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The police said the sound permit at the mission stopped at 2 PM and even though the Copts had a permit til 4 at the UN they would not be permitted to return to that less than desirable location. WHY?

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That’s NOT how things go down for the Leftists. The Leftists march wherever and whenever they want. They demand freedom of assembly rights but NO such freedoms were extended to the Copts.

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The Copts need our help (where were the other groups that knew about this rally. It’s shameful they were not there to give support to the Copts) And the police hid them and shut them down early .  It’s an OUTRAGE!

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The slideshow is next(or click through to Flickr, if you prefer)

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7 responses to “Coptic Christians Rally in New York against the Egyptian government

  1. Unfortunately I see more Christians making excuses for Islam, than are speaking out against this problem. The Christian community better wake up soon, before Christians are treated like this across the world.

    • To “wake up” takes a bravery that the average muli-culti Christian does not possess…cannot embrace, because they’ve been neutered already by the thought police. It’s frightening and way too real…. I hope there ‘ll be enough of us still around to fight back the Muzzie hoard….if they ever do wake-up…

  2. I wrote about the recent Kristallnacht-like pogroms against and massive deportations of Copts in Egypt on my blog:

    Previous posts dealing with the plight of the Copts:

    Great coverage of this rally…wish I had known about it, but I’m really far too busy to attend anything like this, being that I’m so busy studying for finals…

    If only more people understood that the Arab Muhammadans are imperialists of a classic variety, and that the Middle East is not solely their patrimony, despite what they’d like us to believe [see Tabari IX:69]…that there are indigenous, nearly-forgotten non-Muhammadan and non-Arab peoples such as the Maronites, Copts, Kurds [who are Sunnis and not “kuffar” but often treated like dhimmis], Assyrians, Chaldeans, Yazidis, Druzes, Mandeans, and Jews who do not want to descend further down the apartheid abyss of dhimmitude, but wish to achieve self-determination and rejoin the community of nations, which they all [with the exception of the Jews and partial exception of the Maronites and possibly Kurds] have been denied for nearly 14 centuries under the yoke of the Darul Islam and its corollary of racist Arab supremacism.

    I don’t think we can ever expect the far-left to discard their fantasy of a racially-and-religiously-pure Arab Caliphate, coupled with their wilfull ignorance of more than a millennium of atrocities against non-Arab Muhammadans and non-Muhammadans, however…as I say, they can tell you a great deal of BS regarding their beloved Philistine Arabs, but when it comes to the Copts, Nubians, Kabyle Berbers, Assyrians, Mizrahi Jews, and the like, they haven’t a clue…

    I only expect conditions for the Copts to worsen, and the world to remain silent…and therefore complicit. As Moubarak continues to make concessions to Ikhwan [the Muslim Brotherhood], as the OIC dominates and degrades the UN, as the majority of Darul Islam nation-states hold fast to the despicable Cairo Declaration…it’s all so predictable, and it’s not easy to avoid sounding lachrymose about it.

  3. Ex ellent report!
    You are quite right about the difference in how the protests are handled.
    These folks need our support.
    Other Christian groups should rally around their cause!

  4. We should support the Copts and let the Egyptian authorities know that they can’t get away with this any more by emailing the Egyptian government and to their representatives around the world. Make this an issue they have to address

  5. Thank you for the great coverage. I never heard about the demonstration until now. How can people find out about these important protests?

    It is very ominous that American police discriminate against Christians (orders from Washington?) reducing their demonstration from noon to 2 p.m. when they had permission from noon to 4 p.m. And placing them behind construction where no-one would see them, etc. All done deliberately. America is being Islamized. Highly favored Muslims would NEVER be given such treatment!

    Will reducing and shutting down protests against Islamic cruelty finally result in where it will be against the law to protest Islamic persecution? Are we close to losing our freedom?

    • We think the answer to “are we close to losing our freedom to be YES. In the past two years, once Bloomberg placed a Muslim Chaplain in the NYPD, he has shown a determination to encourage more ‘understanding’ of Islam with sensitivity training. You KNOW where that leads….we’ve seen the attitudes of the police change (as would be expected) for the worse. There’s also a Muslim Police Officers Assoc so the pressure is on. What happened with the Copts is just the most recent example of a shift in the police attitudes. BTW- The Copts website was recommended to stay up on their activities and as for other events, we’ll do our best to post them beforehand here at The Silent Majority.

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